Elf on the Shelf 2017

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Last year was our first year of Elf on the Shelf and it was so fun seeing the kids' reactions every morning!

I thought I'd do a quick summary of what our Elf got up to last year. So if you're looking for some Elf on the Shelf ideas then maybe these might inspire you!

Day 1: Our elf arrived along with the kids advent calendars. Miss A named him 'Elfie the Welfie' and we watched The Elf Story DVD which was a good introduction for the kids.

Day 2: All aboard the Shoe Shoe Train! Miss A found this really funny and the first thing she said was 'Elfie has been up to mischief!'.

Day 3: The kids were off to a soft play party today so Elfie thought he'd join in with his own ball pit! Master R particularly enjoyed the ball pit that Elfie left for them in the bath!

Day 4: Miss A told Elfie off this morning as you're not allowed to play on the stairs!

Day 5: Elfie didn't get up to any mischief but instead brought everything needed to write a letter to Santa.

Day 6: They're grrrrrreat! Elfie was trying to impersonate Tony the Tiger this morning!

Day 7: Miss A was naughty yesterday so Elfie was sad and didn't get up to any mischief. Instead there was a letter from Santa asking her to be good (one for Master R too about his sleeping in the night or lack of it!). Miss A was a different girl that day!

Day 8: Elfie was back up to mischief! Miss A thought it was hilarious that he'd photocopied his bottom!

Day 9: Elfie knew that we were going to get our Christmas tree so he had a drive and found his own one. He'd also brought with him a magic tree for the kids to grow.

Day 10: Spider-elf! Miss A was off to a superhero party so Elfie decided to try being Spider-Man and brought Miss A a costume to wear! She was thrilled and the costume went straight on over her PJs!

Day 11: Snow ball fight! Elfie re-enacted what he saw Miss A and her Daddy doing in the garden the day before when we had snow!

Day 12: Elfie put his wrapping skills to the test in our living room! He not only wrapped the TV, but the remote control and the cushions on the sofa!

Day 13: Miss A was an angel in her school nativity play and Elfie wanted to try being one too! He'd even evicted our Christmas tree angel who was found sulking on the shelf!

Day 14: Elfie managed to tame the dinosaurs and decided to take them for a walk! Master R particularly enjoyed Elfie's antics on this day. I was amazed that he didn't really touch Elfie or if he did then he was really gentle with him.

Day 15: Gone fishing! Elfie thought he'd have a go at a spot of fishing.

Day 16: Elfie was found hosting a reading group for some of the toys.

Day 18: Zip wire fun for Elfie. He didn't make an appearance the day before as we struggled a bit with Miss A's behaviour as she was just so tired from school. So he made a dramatic reappearance on a zip wire!

Day 19: A Christmas bath awaited the kids. He left them a message in the morning and then whilst they were out he got busy decorating the bathroom. They also had some Christmas bath toys to play with. Miss A's reaction was brilliant and she wanted a bath straightaway!

Day 20: Christmas Jumper Day at school so Elfie thought he'd try everyone's on for size. He did have his very own new jumper to wear for the day too!

Day 21: Sprinkle angel! Elfie left some nice sweet treats to make.

Day 22: Sledging with some very special new friends! By far my favourite Elfie antic. I love the mini elves of Miss A and Master R.

Day 23: When Elfie got stuck up the chimney, he began to shout! You boys and girls won't get any toys, if you don't colour this in... Or something like that! He bought a fab play house for the kids to play in.

Elfie was extra kind as along with the colour-in house in the morning, he left some popcorn and his favourite movie for the afternoon. Have to admit I'd never seen the film Elf and I've still only see some of it but Miss A enjoyed it.

Day 24: North Pole Breakfast and a goodbye letter from Elfie with tickets to an Elf Adventure Challenge in the afternoon. Going to miss the little guy!

It's safe to say that Elfie is here to stay as Miss A started talking about him as soon as we started mentioning Christmas. We'll be having lots of fun with Elfie again this year. I'll do a round up of what he gets up to - can't promise that there won't be some repeats but the kids don't seem to mind!

Would love to know what's been most popular with your kids and your Elf on the Shelf? Let me know in the comments.

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