Elf Adventure Challenge at the Ice Cream Farm

Saturday, 15 December 2018

We were invited along to do a review of the Elf Adventure Challenge at The Ice Cream Farm.

We kept the Challenge a surprise for the kids today. Their Elf on the Shelf was found sledging with some mini elves this morning and then left them some hats and a note to say that it was their turn to be Elves today! Little did they know that they would be training as Elves!

On arrival at the Tipi tent, we were greeted by Grandpa Elf and issued with our tickets. Then we were taken inside and introduced to Baubles and GlitterBella.

The first thing was to learn the Elf March. Be warned that it is quite catchy and will get stuck in your head!

Parent participation is expected as you work as a team to complete the challenges. I won't give too much away about the activities as it will spoil the experience, however you might be able to get the gist from the pictures.

There are 4 Challenges to complete and the Elves keep up the chatter and banter throughout. They are very animated and energetic which is great. The time goes really quickly as you get absorbed in trying to help the kids complete each activity. The Challenges are interspersed with some singing and the Elf March again at the end.

The children had great fun taking part in all the activities. I think their favourite was the one with the snowballs! They got fully involved with it all and it was so fun to watch them. I loved their dancing and singing!

There was the chance for photos at the end before leaving the Tipi.

The kids took part in this Challenge last year as I booked it as a surprise for them on Christmas Eve. It was fun to do it again as Master R could get much more involved this year. The games have been refined and improved for this year. The space is much better in the Tipi tent and was well decorated with some lovely trees and props.

Afterwards we went for an obligatory ice cream! Well, ice cream for the kids and hot drinks to warm the adults up! Despite the fact that it was absolutely freezing today, the kids still wanted to play outside so we bundled them up in their snowsuits and let them run around using the countdown clock on the Ice Cream Tree to mark when their time was up. We were the only ones mad enough to be outside in the play area!

Find out more about the Elf Adventure Challenge at The Ice Cream Farm and book online. Tickets cost £11.50 per person or £40 for a family. All children receive a free copy of the storybook 'Sprout's Elf Adventure Challenge' and a Graduation Certificate. It is a fun experience that the kids will remember. Miss A came straight home and told our Elf on the Shelf that they had Graduated as Elves like him! So if you're looking for something slightly different to do with the kids this Christmas then I would definitely recommend the Elf Adventure Challenge.

Disclaimer:  We were kindly provided with free tickets for the Elf Adventure Challenge in return for this review but all opinions are my own.

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