The Ice Cream Farm

Saturday, 18 August 2018

A visit to the Ice Cream Farm to see some of their new additions, plus take in a Playhouse show in their Tipi Theatre.

We were kindly invited to visit the Ice Cream Farm specifically to see one of the new Playhouse shows that are being performed during the school holidays.

The Farm is always on our list to visit during the school holidays as the kids love it. Our first port of call on arrival today was to Honeycomb Canyon for some water and sand play. We used our Play Pass for entry. The kids couldn't get their swimming suits on fast enough and wanted to get struck straight in.

 I definitely recommend taking some swimwear or a change of clothes! Also, some footwear that you don't mind them getting wet in for when they want to venture on to the climbing frames. We always take a few small buckets etc. which are great for gathering water and also for use in the sandpit.

During peak times you are time restricted on the activities. In Honeycomb Canyon, we were limited to an hour but this was probably about right and the kids were happy to move outside and play in the outdoor playground. This area is fab with so much different equipment and is totally free to use.

We then ventured over to an area where there are a few new additions to the Farm. The children spotted the pony rides. These were £2 a ride but for this I was expecting a little bit more. They only rode round the small area once and the girl leading them round didn't seem to really engage with the kids at all and excite them. Just telling the kids the horses name etc. would have been nice. This was our only negative of the day.

Next door are the new big inflatable pillows - called Marshmallow Mound. We used our Play Pass for these and got 10 minutes bounce time. I thought the kids would stick to the smaller pillow, but they both opted to spend more time on the larger one!

This brought us to our Playhouse show time so we headed to the Tipi Theatre to see Betty Butterscotch at the Ice Cream Farm. The tent is a great structure and an unusual environment to watch a show. The show started on time and the kids were immediately wrapt. I won't spoil too much by giving away the storyline but the kids really enjoyed the songs and Miss A was singing along (pretty loudly in parts!).

The performance is just 35 minutes which is a good length for Master R in particular. It was nice that the cast offered to have pictures with the audience members at the end. Each day those that see the show are put into a draw to win a Year's Supply of Ice Cream - how cool would that be!?!

See the Ice Cream Farm website for details of Playhouse show dates and times. The show is a nice addition and something different to do on your visit, particularly if you have been to the Farm before. It's fairly priced at £4 a ticket (£3 in advance).

With all the talk of Ice Cream in the show, it was only right that we headed to the Parlour to have some! Miss A always chooses chocolate, there's no dissuading her. I always get Master R a vanilla tub but I tend to try a different flavour each time! They're always lovely.

Along with tickets to the show we were kindly gifted a Play Pass to use for some of the activities. I paid for the pony rides and our ice creams.

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