Me & Mine - February 2018

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with this photo of our family for February.

We have my Uncle to thank for this picture. It was taken on Crosby Beach. It's so nice when we get a picture that isn't a rushed selfie.

February Highs:
  • - Master R's language is really coming on now and he seems to say a new word each day. It's so lovely to hear and he's making what he wants more understood which makes things easier all round!
  • - Miss A was learning about space and the solar system at school so I set up lots of space themed play for her at home including building her a big cardboard rocket! 
  • - We visited Spaceport in Wallasey with one of Miss A's school friends. I'm not sure how much they learnt but they enjoyed all the interactive elements. We also took the ferry trip on the Mersey which you can do from the museum. 
  • - I've tried to do a lot of themed play with the kids this month so along with the space themed play, we've done Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day themed play.
  • - Miss A achieved her next badge at Gymnastics. She's taking a break from a while so that she has the option to try something different when we feel the time is right.
  • - Some of Mr MoaB's family paid us a visit and we went in to Chester to see the Chinese New Year lion and dragon dance, followed by lunch out at an Italian restaurant.  
  • - We had a really busy half term with Miss A and were out every day. This included another visit to Chester Zoo. 
  • - Miss A and I had a girls day out at Jodrell Bank to further encourage her interest in space. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with her.
  • - My Uncle & Aunt traveled up to see us. We spent a fab day seeing the Antony Gormley 'Another Place' statues at Crosby Beach. We were lucky with the weather as it was really mild and we timed it just right as the tide was coming in!
  • - I took the kids to a special event in Chester with the illustrator Axel Scheffler. He did a talk, drew some illustrations, read 3 stories and then did book signings. It was worth the wait in the queue as now the kids each have a personalised book signed by him with an illustration.
  • - Miss A had some fun with her Daddy trying climbing for the first time at Clip n Climb in Chester. There were a few wobbles but she was so chuffed when she managed to reach the top of one of the walls and did that wall several times over!
  • - More visitors of a friend and her Mum who I have known all my life. We went out for lunch on the Saturday and then on the Sunday morning we met at Runcorn Hill Park to play in the playground, feed the ducks and then warm up with a hot chocolate in the cafe. 
  • - Miss A is now doing some independent reading which is just brilliant to listen to. I love her enthusiasm for books and try to encourage this as much as possible. 
  • - Miss A went to a fun birthday party at the Ice Cream Farm.
  • - Miss A was selected as Star of the Week in her class for her enthusiasm for learning. I got to attend a Celebration Assembly to see her presented with her certificate. We're very proud of her. 

February Lows:
  • - Another round of treatment. It was a week later than it should have been so that it didn't have any impact on half term as I wanted to be able to have lots of days out with the kids and not be wiped out. I definitely needed all my energy as it was a very busy half term!

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Oh love that you braved the winter beach looks like you had a great time. Lovely snap. Sorry for late commenting catching up today. :) #meandmineproejct


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