Siblings - January 2018

Friday, 19 January 2018

Joining up with The Siblings Project with these photos of Miss A and Master R. 

It's been such a great month and the kids have enjoyed the extra time they've had together during the school holidays. They get on so well and there is so much interaction between them now. Master R has started to copy everything his sister does - the good and the bad! You can see him watching her intently and then he'll burst in to life and join in with what she's doing. His language is really come on now as well. He has a lot more words in his repertoire.

I can't believe how many pictures I've actually taken of them together this month so I'm just going to keep them in chronological order.

I took the kids along to a local church to their Community Nativity service. All the children came dressed up and were involved in the story telling. Miss A was a lovely angel and Master R was a sheep! They looked so cute!

Christmas Jumper Day at school for Miss A. Even our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, got involved with a new jumper!

The next few photos were all taken on Christmas Eve. The kids undertook the Elf Adventure Challenge at the Ice Cream Farm. This was a really fun experience and we all had a great time.

Christmas Day and the kids opening their stockings. This is one of my favourite parts of the day. It was so lovely watching them and seeing their reactions to each little present.

Fun at Grandma's house over Christmas. We stayed 2 nights celebrating with all the family. The kids created their own sled to travel round the house on!

Wearing some of their new nightwear that they got given for Christmas! So snuggly and cuddly!

This photo just makes me smile. I have no idea what Miss A was doing! It was taken at the National Memorial Arboretum. A bit random to find a fairground horse but it is part of the Showman's Guild of Great Britain Memorial.

This year for the first time I did lots of activities with the kids on New Year's Eve. We had great fun playing party games, doing crafts and dancing. Definitely a new tradition for us.

Whilst Miss A was off school for the holidays, I used our Chester Zoo membership and we spent a fun morning at the zoo. We explored a section we hadn't been to before and saw lots of different animals.

Finally a picture taken on the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway. They both really enjoyed riding on this funicular railway - the oldest and steepest electrical, operational cliff railway.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Lots of lovely photos of Miss A and Master R together this month. I love the nativity one and the fairground horse. It's funny when the little starts copying the older one - makes for some interesting moments! #siblingsproject


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