New Years' Eve Celebrations 2017

Sunday, 21 January 2018

We've not really celebrated New Years' Eve with the kids before but this year I thought it would be fun to do some activities and make more of a celebration of it.

I put together 12 different activities and wrote these on pieces of paper to go inside 12 balloons. Miss A got to pop the balloons to find out the next activity. You could do one an hour, but we just did them as and when we were ready to do another activity.

The New Years' family fun activities were as follows:

1. Bean bag clock - 12 paper plates with clock faces drawn on them which I stuck to the floor with some blu-tack. Then we had to throw the bean bags on each plate around the circle. This was a great exercise to talk about clocks and time with Miss A.

2. Party games - nothing beats a few party games so we played pass the parcel and musical statues.

3. Make a 2018 crown - I cut out two crowns and then let the kids decorate them. They both did a great job.

4. 2018 playdoh - I made the numbers out of playdoh and then had lots of materials for the kids to decorate the numbers with.

5. Knockdown game - some plastic cups on the floor and then we took it in turns to put some tights on our head which had a ball down on leg. The object of the game was to knock all the cups down with the ball. Easier than it sounds!

6. Sparkler firework - we made some fun firework sparklers with jumbo straws, coloured cellophane sheets and tinfoil. You can find the instructions I used for these on the Kids Craft Room website.

7. Photobooth - I'd got a plastic inflatable frame and some props for us to do some funny photos. The photos didn't come out that well and are mostly blurred but it was a fun activity to include.

8. Smarties clock - a paper plate with a clock face and a plate with Smarties on. Move the Smarties on to each number of the clock using a straw! Miss A was really good at this!

9. Year in review - I printed out a review sheet from the Internet and Miss A filled in the answers, with some help from us.

10. Mini disco - just some good old dancing to cheesey tunes!

11. New Years' Eve tea - a glow in the dark tea for the kids with glow sticks! Miss A came in and said 'That's amazing'. The perfect reaction!

12. Watch fireworks - I found the London fireworks from last year on YouTube and the kids watched this just before going to bed.

My favourite activity was the glow in the dark tea party. It looked so good and this is something fun I'll repeat on other special occasions.

It took a bit of organisation and I needed to make sure I'd got all the supplies we needed in, but it was worth it. It was so nice to do all the activities together as a family and I think this will be a new tradition for us on New Years' Eve.

Do let me know how you celebrate New Years' Eve with kids and if you have any suggestions for new activities to include next year!

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