Me & Mine - December 2017

Monday, 1 January 2018

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our family for December.

Our first festive photo of 2017 when we met Father Christmas at a local Christmas Fair. Master R isn't quite sure yet what to make of the man in red!

This was taken on Christmas Day at Mr MoaB's sister's house just after dinner.

Another encounter with Father Christmas. This time actually after Christmas which was a bit strange! We went to The Lanterns at Chester Zoo.

We had a very tired Miss A on our hands but wanted to get a family picture next to the Royal Corps of Signals statue at the National Memorial Arboretum as Mr MoaB used to be in this Corps when he was in the army.

December is always such a busy month as we try to do lots of Christmasy activities and outings. It was made even more busy this year as Miss A had lots of school activities this year! It's been a really great month. Last year we moved up to Cheshire in December and I was in the early stages of my treatment so Christmas is a bit of a blur whereas I really enjoyed it this year.

December Highs:
  • -  For most of the month we had a little visitor with us in the shape of Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf. Miss A loved seeing what mischief he had been up to each night which made the effort worth it! 
  • - I took the kids to Delamere Forest for some Stick Man Christmas Fun with Forest Explorers. Miss A got to do some crafts before we headed into the Forest for some marshmallow toasting. 
  • - Miss A was invited to a couple of birthday parties this month. One at soft play and one Super Hero party. There's going to be a lot more parties to come now she's at school! 
  • - For the first time, we had a real Christmas tree this year. We headed out in the snow to choose our tree at Delamere Forest. It made the experience very special with the snow. 
  • - There have been quite a few meetings of Father Christmas this year. Think it was 5! Luckily Miss A doesn't seem to question the differences between them and gets excited to see each one!
  • - Miss A made us super proud when she took part in her school Nativity play. She spoke her words so clearly and loudly and knew the words to all the songs. It was such a lovely thing to watch. 
  • - It was a busy time at school as Miss A also took part in a special assembly that I went to watch which showcased the pupils work and also the carol concert. Not to mention Christmas Jumper Day and the Christmas party! 
  • - For the second year, I took the kids along to a local church to their Community Nativity service. All the children came dressed up and were involved in the story telling. Miss A was a lovely angel and Master R was a sheep! 
  • - Mr MoaB and I had a go at the Tree Top Trek in Manchester. We had a great fun trying this out. I'm chuffed that I felt well enough to do it and completed it as I love trying these things out. 
  • - We had a fab day out in New Brighton. I really do like it there. We found a fantastic park this time. There were some nativity wooden statues, a fairy village as well as a great playground. We then spent time at the pirate ship and playing in the sea. I'm so glad we now live nearer the sea as both kids love it. 
  • - The kids undertook the Elf Adventure Challenge at the Ice Cream Farm. This was a really fun experience and an ideal thing to do on Christmas Eve to get us in the mood for the next day!
  • - We had a fab Christmas Day. The day started at home with the kids opening their stockings and presents. We then had our elderly neighbours rounds for a coffee and mince pie before travelling up to Mr MoaB's sister's house for a big family Christmas dinner. 
  • - Boxing Day was spent at Mr MoaB's other sister's house. More family, more food and more presents! 
  • - Before heading back home we saw lots of Mr MoaB's Aunts and Uncles. Some of them hadn't had the chance to meet Master R so it was great for them. 
  • - I was fortunate enough to win tickets from We Love Chester for The Lanterns at Chester Zoo. This was on my wishlist to go to but I thought we'd missed out for this year. The evening took a dodgy turn in the middle when Miss A had a meltdown from being overtired but luckily she had calmed down by the time we saw Father Christmas. Overall it was a good evening and I'm glad we saw the amazing animal lanterns. 
  • - We got a new car! A used car but new to us! Has the added bonus of sliding doors which makes getting the kids in & out so much easier! I love it!
  • - A final road trip of the year took us to Leicestershire to stay with friends. We hadn't seen them for 3 years but it didn't feel that long. We went with them to visit the National Memorial Arboretum which has been on our list to visit for a long time. Mr MoaB was in the army when he was younger, so it holds particular significance. 
  • - New Years' Eve was a very low key affair as usual but we had fun playing games and doing activities including party games, 2018 crafts and a glow in the dark tea which went down very well!

December Lows:
  • - Miss A was so ready for the end of term! Her school didn't finish until 22nd Friday but she was so tired and ready for a break before then. She was very up and down and we struggled a bit with her behaviour but a good rest and some time off school has done her the world of good. 
  • - One of our cars developed problems which were going to be very costly. We'd already decided we needed to replace it early next year but we suddenly had to urgently car shop for a new one!
  • - Another round of treatment but thankfully my latest scan results show I'm stable.

2017 has definitely been kinder to us in lots of ways but we've still had a few lows and of course there's my ongoing treatment, but we're in a better place than we were this time last year. You can really see the changes in the children, especially Master R who has gone from baby to toddler. I started the year with no hair but now have a fair bit! I wonder what 2018 has in store for us!?!

There are times when it seems a real effort to try to get a picture as the kids aren't always in the mood but I'm so glad I have a monthly record of our family. They are my world and my everything. 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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