4 Year Blogiversary

Friday, 12 January 2018

Happy 4th Blogiversary to the Mummy on a Budget blog! A couple of days late celebrating - whoops!

So another year has passed and this blog is still really important to me. My biggest frustration is that I have got so far behind with posts that I don't know how to catch up with myself. I used to always write in the evenings, but for a while now I find myself too exhausted after dinner and do not like the idea of sitting infront of my computer screen. I think I will have to do a lot of 'one year ago' and 'last year' posts!

I want this blog to include all our family adventures so both the kids have them documented for the future and I have recorded our memories together for them. So I need to re-focus and get my writing mojo back and crack on!

My most popular new posts in terms of page views last year were actually not to do with family days out etc. which is really what my blog is about. They were actually posts about living with cancer: Living with Cancer and Living with Cancer - A Year of Treatment.

I used to write regular round-ups with local activities and events in the school holidays in and around Aylesbury which were always my most popular posts. Since moving, I haven't done these so it's something I'm hoping to resurrect. If for nothing else, then they were great for my own personal use to plan what to do with the kids!

Although I haven't managed to keep on top of all the content writing, I have managed to take part in 3 linkys consistently throughout the year: My Sunday Photo; the Me and Mine Project and the Siblings Project. The last two have been fantastic in ensuring that we take at least one photo every single month of all 4 of us together and of the kids together. It is so nice to have these to look back on from every month and chart the changes.

I thought it would be good to have a record of my Social Media followers. They might not be big numbers compared to many fab blogs out there, but I'm pleased that anybody follows me and my little space on the web!
Mummy on a Budget on Facebook - 1,168 likes (1,065 in 2016)
@mummyonabudget on Twitter -  2,592 followers (2,202 in 2016)
mummyonabudget on Instagram - 2,795 followers (1,827 in 2016)
Mummy on a Budget on Google+ - 72 followers (69 in 2016)

Instagram is by far my favourite social medium platform and this is reflected in the growth of my followers. I love it because it's so spontaneuous and easy to post a quick snap of anything we're doing. I don't have to turn my computer on to write a long blog post, I can just upload straightaway. I also really like the being part of the lovely community on there and it's a great place to get ideas for things to do and places to go.

Life continues to throw many challenges at our little family but we perservere and try to keep a smile on our faces. There is so much uncertainty in our future with my ongoing cancer treatment, but all we can do is enjoy the here and now and make the most of our family time together. We also have a big life event to focus on and look forward to in September as Mr MoaB and I will be getting married!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads and supports this blog. Please bear with me as I strive to keep on top of content and it may appear in a random order on the website! A big thankyou to Mr MoaB who supports me with the blog despite my nagging to get family pictures and my addiction to social media! Also, I have to thank the kids for putting up with me constantly getting the camera out. I think it's starting to rub off on Miss A as she asked for her own camera for Christmas! A new blogger in the making!?!

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