Dinosaur Themed Toddler Activities

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

In the lead up to our Dinosaur encounter at Jurassic Kingdom, I thought I'd get us in the mood by doing lots of dinosaur themed activities with the kids.

The pound shops were great for finding themed things! They provided most of the things we did.

Some of the activities were just for Little Miss A but I tried to include Master R were I could. One of the best joint activities was definitely the edible messy play! I made up some green jelly and chocolate Angel Delight. Then added some meringue nests and their toy dinosaurs. Of course, it was long before the toys were removed and it descended into proper messy play with the kids getting in with their feet!

One of the finds in the pound shop was an Excavation kit. This proved quite challenging to get in to so it took Little Miss A and I quite a while to find the two dinosaurs! The kit came with the small tools. I did most of the chiselling whilst Little Miss A did the brushing. Team work! Be warned if you try one of these kits, it does get quite dusty so we did it within a plastic box to try to contain the bits!

I bought each of the kids a small wind-up dinosaur so we had some dinosaur races. Of course, Little Miss A's invariably won but there was definitely a bit of cheating going on! Luckily Master R doesn't mind at this age. Don't look forward to the time when he wants to win as much as Little Miss A!

Again from the pound shop was a hatching dinosaur egg. This was really great fun to watch hatching. Similar ones were on sale at the Jurassic Kingdom event for a lot more money so I was glad we'd got our for £1! Little Miss A would give us a daily report on it hatching. When it did, it had quite a strange feel to it! 

I had also found a dinosaur ball popper for a few pounds (it says dinosaur on the packet although I have to agree with Little Miss A that it actually does look more like a crocodile!!). We used our tunnel as the target. It actually fires quite far. We kept losing the balls under the sofa which was the downside of the doing this activity indoors! 

Finally, I also got hold of as many story books about dinosaurs as possible from the library so we had a whole week of themed bedtime reading too!

So we were well and truly immersed in dinosaurs for a few days but I think this did help build up the excitement for Little Miss A before we met the dinosaurs at Jurassic Kingdom. Even Master R now does a great dinosaur 'Roar'!

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2 Responses to “Dinosaur Themed Toddler Activities”

  1. These are great ideas, Ethan is really into dinosaurs. The jelly and angel delight idea looks like a lot of fun! x

    1. Thanks Alex. It's fun that they could eat it too and meant I didn't have to worry about Master R putting it in his mouth!!


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