Me & Mine - July 2017

Monday, 31 July 2017

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our family for July.

They were taken right at the beginning of the month when we celebrated Mr MoaB's Birthday with his family.

July Highs:
  • - The 1st of the month is Mr MoaB's Birthday. We celebrated it with a little party with his family at his Mum's house. We were lucky with the weather and got to spend the afternoon out in the garden. 
  • - I took the kids to our nearest farm - Hayrack Church Farm.  
  • - The month has brought with it a mixed bag of weather but when it has been hot, we've enjoyed having lots of fun in the garden, particularly with water play including our new snake sprinkler and water bombs!
  • - It will soon be time for Little Miss A to leave her pre-school and start school! Mr MoaB and I attended her Nursery Leaver's Concert. She's never done anything like that before in front of an audience so we were so proud. It was such a lovely production. The nursery staff had done such a good job. 
  • - Mr MoaB and I took a little wander to find the local Frodsham Caves. It was a great discovery. We'll have to go back with a torch so we can explore a bit more. 
  • - I took the kids to the CBBC Summer Social event in Manchester. It was a fab day out. Little Miss A loved meeting all the different characters. 
  • - Mr MoaB and I have managed to have a few days to ourselves whilst the kids have been at nursery and have taken advantage to enjoy some time together with lunch dates and a bit of culture with a visit to Chester Town Hall and Cathedral. 
  • - I was forttunate enough to win tickets to the Jurassic Kingdom dinosaur encounter event in Manchester. In the lead up to going I did lots of dinosaur themed activities to get us in the mood. Roar! 
  • - This month I also had my Birthday. The big 4-0! We took a trip down to Brighton so that I could see some of my best friends. The day itself brought with it breakfast in bed and a nice dinner prepared by Mr MoaB. Unfortunately he had to work as he'd taken the weekend off for us to go to Brighton but I didn't mind. I took the kids out for the day to Carr Farm Garden Centre to do a Super Hero Trail and have lunch. We have a child-free weekend planned later in the year to look forward to as well. 
  • - We visited the Blue Planet Aquarium for the first time this month with Mr MoaB's Mum, sister and her 2 children. It was great to see how much interest Master R paid to the fishes. 
  • - Little Miss A took part in her first gymastics routine this month. I also did an interview with Total Gymnastics which run the classes she does. 
  • - We've been fortunate to have two sets of visitors all in the last couple of days of the month. Both on their way back down to the South Coast from visits up North. A friend came to visit us at home and got roped in to playing lots of games with Little Miss A but we managed to catch up a little bit inbetween! We met our second visitors at Delamere Forest for lunch and then did the Gruffalo Trail with them (for the second time that day!). 

July Lows:
  • - I am so very behind with writing blog posts that I don't know where to begin with catching up. It's frustrating but I do really want to keep up with them as it's so important to have a record of our days out etc for the kids as they get older. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon. 
  • - More cancer treatment. This month I have had a Portacath inserted into my arm so that my drugs can be administered through it. I wasn't getting on with cannulas. It was quite a quick procedure really and has healed remarkably well. 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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5 Responses to “Me & Mine - July 2017”

  1. Trying to keep up with blog posts can be challenging at times especially when you've had such a busy month. Hope the Portacath is better for you with the cancer treatment. I love your happy family photos this month celebrating Mr MOAB's birthday and it sounds like you also had a lovely birthday too. #meandmineproject

    1. Thanks Louise. The month was made especially busy with both our birthdays to celebrate but we have had and that's the most important thing.

  2. Ahh I hope you had a wonderful birthday! It sounds like July was a lot of fun. Well done for winning those tickets! I hope you guys have a wonderful August. xx

    1. Thanks so much Alex. Had a really great birthday (trying to ignore the number!). Hope you have a great August too!

  3. Sounds like you have had a busy time and I am the same trying to keep up with blog posts even when I am not busy so I can relate there. Hope you have had a wonderful birthday. Numbers mean nothing these days. :) Happy August ahead. #meandmineproject


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