CBBC Summer Social 2017

Sunday, 9 July 2017

We had a fab time today at the CBBC Summer Social event at MediaCityUK. Lots of fun in the sun and all for free!

Today I braved going in to Manchcester again on my own with the kids. This time it was to attend the CBBC Summer Social event. I'm so pleased we went as we all had a great time.

I hadn't told Little Miss A about what we were up to other than that there would be characters. I didn't say who in case we didn't get the chance to see specific ones. So she was intrigued about where we were going. The walk from the car park built up Little Miss A's excitement as we passed a big CBeebies window and saw an Upsey Daisy and Pudsey statue. This boded well!

As soon as we arrived, we headed to the Shaun the Sheep Championsheep zone and played in the soft play area plus Little Miss A had a go at welly throwing. Our first character meet was Shaun himself!

Other character meets included Funella from Furchester Hotel, Ubercorn & Grandmaster Glitch from Go Jetters, Danger Mouse (and Little Miss A got to sit in his Mark IV Danger Car) and Pudsey Bear!

There were a few craft areas and Little Miss A decorated a flower for the Clangers garden and also designed a piece to be added to the Marrying Mum & Dad Wedding dress. Master R was most happy when he was let loose out of his pushchair to just dance away. He loved being by the stage with the music!

At various times we spotted some of the CBBC presenters doing their live links from the event.

Some activities were aimed at older children as it was a CBBC event rather than CBeebies but there was definitely enough for her to do and more than enough of the CBeebies characters to keep happy! She's just starting to watch a few things on CBBC occasionally so did know who Danger Mouse was.

Another highlight for Little Miss A was watching John Farnworth on the stage doing his Football Magic. This definitely left an impression on her as tonight she's been trying to recreate some of his freestyle tricks!

There was a treasure hunt to do around the event which meant that we got a bag of free sweets! We collected these and then took a wander and found the Bubble Zorb Arena. I wish we'd gone to this area earlier on in the day as there was a massive queue and it was boiling hot, but Little Miss A desperately wanted a go and I really didn't fancy dealing with a meltdown from her. She did really enjoy it and when we talked about her favourite things of the day, this was one of them!

Looking at the map on the way back, there were a few areas that we didn't go to but we'd done more than enough by the time we left. Both kids slept the whole way home!

We set off early and I'm really glad we did as we it just got busier and busier as the day wore on and I was ready to leave by lunchtime when it was starting to get too hot and I was starting to find it difficult to keep track of where Little Miss A was amongst all the people.

This was such a good event and I can't believe it was all for free. I hope it is an annual event and we can go again next year as I enjoyed it along with the kids.

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