Hosting A Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Some ideas for hosting a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed Birthday Party.

I had always planned to have a Hungry Caterpillar party for Little Miss A so had bought some partyware in a supermarket and put it away. When I was sorting out stuff for her Charlie & Lola party, I found all this stuff unused so thought it would be perfect for Baby R's 1st Birthday.

I really enjoyed making decorations for Little Miss A's party so wanted to include a few handmade things for Baby R too. I already had a butterfly banner and the paper plates, table cover and napkins.

In a charity shop a while ago I found the Very Hungry Caterpillar card game for £1 and used these as the basis for a handmade banner. I printed off the letters for a message and stuck these on to the backs of the cards which had a natural 'frame'.

Every month I have taken photos of Baby R and I wanted to include these as it is really quite incredible how much babies change over that first year. I incorporated these into the theme by sticking each photo on to a green circle of card and then adding a caterpillar head. It was bigger than I was expecting but looked brilliant!

For a themed sponsored walk a few weeks before, Little Miss A and I had made two Caterpillar headbands and these could come out again to be used for the party. They're so simple to make. Just a ring of red card and then eyes (yellow and green card) and purple card for the antennae. I would suggest reinforcing the antennae with a lollipop stick or thicker card so they stand up more.

Lastly I made a banner for Baby R's highchair using the leftover card from his photo banner. He kept pulling these off so they didn't last too long, but they looked good for the photos!

Food & drink
As it was just a family party rather than a purely kids party, I didn't do a lot of caterpillar themed food. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that I could have gone quite mad! However, I did do a fruit platter just for a bit of fun and used some more of the cards from the card game pack.

I created some caterpillar straws too. I found a print-out and stuck them on green stripy bendy straws which I already had. The other food I put in lots of brightly coloured containers which just looked so bright and inviting.

Baby R's Great Aunt was making a caterpillar cake for us. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy it as we couldn't travel up North to have the big family party we'd originally planned. Instead there was a last-minute dash to the supermarket to pick up one of their caterpillar cakes! Baby R didn't mind, he enjoyed stuffing his face with chocolate cake!

Party games
In an activity book set I had, I found a big Very Hungry Caterpillar poster. We stuck this to the wall and played pin the nose on the caterpillar. Little Miss A loved spinning each of us round and we got pretty close most times!

If it was a kids party, then it would be great to pre-cut all the pieces for the Caterpillar headbands and for each child to make one of these to wear during the party.

Though we didn't play it, another themed game could be 'feed the caterpillar'. Make a big cut-out caterpillar head with a large mouth opening. Then use bean bags to toss into the mouth.

Party bags
We didn't really need party bags as there were only a couple of kids (including Little Miss A) going to be at the original party however I loved the idea of creating some butterfly snack bags. So very easy to do (although they did require more sweets than I imagined!). They just use small plastic snack bags, wind a pipe cleaner around and into twirls for the antennae, then a peg for the body. I think they look so colourful.

Free Downloads
I spent a lot of time trawling the internet for pictures to use etc. Here's some of the resources I used:
Very Hungry Caterpillar Straw Template from Gourmet Mom On The Go
Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Printables from Bella Printables
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Resources from Penguin Books

So this is some ideas on how to have a Very Hungry Caterpillar party, on a budget of course! Would love to know if you host a Hungry Caterpillar themed party and what you get up to.

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