All the Fun of Turning Four

Friday, 2 June 2017

At the end of March Little Miss A turned 4! As my blog is a record for the kids to read in the future, I wanted to put this post together, albeit a bit late!

It really has been such an incredible 4 years since this beautiful girl entered our lives. I'm so very proud of the person she is becoming and she amazes me every single day.

It's quite a significant year as it means she's now old enough to go to school. I remember thinking when she was born that school days were such a long way off but all of a sudden, we've applied and got our first choice of school for her and she starts in September.

In the build up to the big day, we read lots of 'Birthday' books so she was super excited for the day to arrive. I was surprised by how many themed books i was able to ind in the library. I've put a list of the book titles at the bottom of this post in case you're looking for a Birthday book.

Before we relocated we did a big cull of the garden toys as they were all bulky and we didn't want to move them all. However, the house we're renting has a big garden so we decided to buy Little Miss A a play house for her main present. We thought it would be something that both kids could play in. I'd love to get a traditional wooden playhouse but knowing that we're going to be moving again when we buy a house up here, we went with a Little Tikes house and then we'll hopefully upgrade in the future.

She had no idea about this present so I did a trail of balloons all the way from her bedroom, down the stairs and to the back door. Then when we opened the back door, she saw her present! I'd put more balloons and a birthday banner on the house. It's safe to say it was a hit!

Her birthday actually fell on a pre-school day so we packed her off for the day with a cake to share with her friends. It gave me the chance to do the food shopping for her party and then we picked the kids up early to head up North to Mr MoaB's sister's house where we were hosting the birthday party.

Little Miss A was kept busy by her cousins while food was frantically heated and decorations hastily put up. When Little Miss A chose Charlie & Lola as the theme, I must admit my heart sank a little. No chance of just going in to the shops and buying themed partyware. I had to get creative and I'm so chuffed with how the handmade decorations turned out. You can read all about what I did for her Charlie & Lola themed party in this post. She's still got the large pictures of the characters adorning her bedroom walls.

We have Little Miss A's Great Aunt to thank for her birthday cake - a Paw Patrol cake. She didn't know the theme that Little Miss A had requested. Little Miss A was chuffed when it was bought out.

Lots of Mr MoaB's family were at the party. The big omission was his Mum who was in hospital. It's such a shame that she missed it. Mr MoaB went to visit her in hospital that evening and took her some birthday cake and showed her all the photos.

In the build-up to her Birthday Little Miss A kept talking about a party where she could invite her friends. It was really hard trying to explain to her that we weren't having a big party. I did feel really bad for her but having just moved to the area, we just don't know enough children to invite along. She has friends at her nursery but we don't know the parents to invite.

I'm determined that next year she'll have the party she wants as we can invite all her school friends. Hopefully she might go for a slightly easier theme!

As usual the day had been so busy that we hadn't got any photos of us with Little Miss A so there was just time for a quick selfie with my birthday girl before she went to bed.

Here's the list of Birthday themed books that I managed to find and we enjoyed reading each night as Little Miss A's big day approached (I've included affiliate links if you’d like to purchase them):
How Many sleeps till my Birthday? - Mark Sperring and Sebastien Braun
Snappy Birthday - Mark Sperring and Laura Ellen Anderson
Happy Birthday in Dragon Wood - Timothy Knapman and Gwen Millward
Poggle and the Birthday Present - Michael Evans
Happy Birthday Hugless Douglas - David Melling
Boa's Bad Birthday - Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross
Happy Birthday Peppa
Sarah and Duck have a Quiet Birthday - Sarah Gomes Harris

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