Father's Day 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A quick post to record this year's Father's Day. It's an emotional time of year and we don't go in for big over the top celebrations anyway.

We only had the morning with Mr MoaB as he was working in the afternoon. When asked what he would like for Father's Day, he said a 'Lie in' and a 'Full English Fry-up' so that's what he got.

There were a few handmade gifts and cards for him. The nursery staff had done some fab crafts with Baby R including a really lovely canvas. I didn't think Little Miss A had done any at pre-school because we were on holiday the week before, but this week she came home with some crafts for him.

The big surprise for Mr MoaB was a photo taken by a professional photographer of his two kids with a special sign. It saved me having to try to get a picture of them this year!

In the week leading up to Father's Day, we read a few Daddy books (I've included affiliate links if you’d like to purchase them):
I Love My Dad - Anna Walker
What Does Daddy Do? - Rachel Bright
I Love My Daddy - Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd
I Love You, Too - Michael Foreman

As an extra bonus I won a Father's Day competition on Facebook for a meal voucher at a local pub. We went this week on Mr MoaB's day off and had a really lovely family lunch, Mr MoaB was really chuffed!

Mr MoaB is a fantastic Daddy to our kids. He works really hard to ensure we're well provided for and can always be relied upon to be a great climbing frame, ninja warrior or whatever the kids want him to be! So a massive Thank you to him for raising these kids with me.

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