Siblings - May 2017

Monday, 15 May 2017

Joining up with The Siblings Project with these photos of Little Miss A and Baby R. 

This first picture was taken this weekend during the celebrations for Baby R's 1st Birthday. Our plans changed when we noticed some suspicious spots on Baby R so instead of a big family party we had to stay at home and just have a party at home with the four of us. The theme of his party was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We used the headbands that we made last month and I'd made some other themed decorations as well. Little Miss A spent the day in various dressing up costumes including a knight as pictured here! We played a few party games too for Little Miss A's benefit. Despite not being what we originally planned, it was such a nice little party.

It's been great to get out in the garden on the sunny days we've had this month. I set up a simple water play for the kids and Baby R was straight in. It took Little Miss A a while before she was as brave as her brother and actually sat down in the water! It was so lovely to sit back and watch them playing and splashing each other! Here's hoping for lots more days like these.

This picture shows Little Miss A helping Baby R to walk and it's lovely that she tries to help him. He's been cruising around the furniture for months and using his walker. He has been walking with us holding his hand but then last week he started taking a few unaided steps. It was this weekend (his Birthday weekend) that he actually started walking and I know there's going to be no stopping him now! I can't wait to see him chasing after his big sister.

This last one was taken on Easter weekend. Baby R's first Easter. No chocolate for him this year. They don't often actually sit together and cuddle so this was a rare moment. Baby R is learning quickly to join in with the rough and tumble of his sister particularly when climbing on their Daddy!

Baby R has been such a fantastic addition to our family and I'm so proud of the way Little Miss A has accepted him in to the family and what a great big sister she is proving to be.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. I love the photos of Baby R and Little Miss A playing with water out in the garden, they look like they are having a wonderful time. The Hungry Caterpillar theme sounds fun - what a shame you weren't able to have the big family party though. #siblingsproject


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