Meeting Nick Sharratt at the Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants Exhibition

Saturday, 6 May 2017

A trip into Manchester to the Nick Sharratt Exhibition and to meet the man himself!

We have quite a collection of story books illustrated by Nick Sharratt and when I saw that he was going to be in Manchester to sign books, I thought it would be great to take Little Miss A along to meet him.

It was the opening day of the new exhibition - Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants - The Illustrated World of Nick Sharratt - at Manchester Central Library with a variety of activities going on including the book signing.

When we arrived we went straight up to the 1st floor to the book signing area, but unfortunately it was bad timing as Nick Sharratt was on a break! So we headed to the Exhibition area and spent quite a long time wandering around. Little Miss A immediately got involved with the different interactive elements and even Baby R had fun particularly with the musical instruments.

There was a reading area with a variety of Nick's books - there were lots that I hadn't seen before. There was also a dressing up box which was good fun. Little Miss A wouldn't let me take a picture of her so here's a picture of me in the 'Run away with scary pants!'.

The exhibition is so colourful and fun. Nick Sharratt has such a distinctive style to his drawings - it's so easy to spot when you pick up a book that he's written and/or illustrated. It's fun spotting the different characters he's created around the exhibition.

One of the things Little Miss A kept going back to was the 'Create your own Sharracter' screen. She created quite a few characters.

Then we went to the book signing area. We timed it right this time and were just third in the queue. Nick was lovely and didn't rush anyone. We had 3 books signed and each one he personalised with drawings inside. Great keepsakes for the kids. I'm so glad we got the chance to meet him.

There were also some arts & craft activities going on in another area of the library but I was quite exhausted at this point and we still had to get the train home.

I'd decided that we'd get the train rather than drive to make it more of an adventure. I was regretting this decision as soon as we got to the station as I had to hump the pushchair up and down the stairs as we needed the platform on the other side. Then the train was packed as there were only 2 carriages so I had to stand all the way (nearly an hour). Thankfully Little Miss A had a seat and Baby R slept for most of the trip (so his first train journey made little impression on him!). I was really relieved on the return journey that the train was quite empty and we got seats. Baby R enjoyed himself no end strutting up and down the carriage. I think Little Miss A was exhausted as she sat very quietly the whole time.

If you're local to Manchester then it's definitely worth popping in to the library to see the Nick Sharratt exhibition - which is free! For more details about Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants at Central Library, which runs until 1st July, take a look at the Library Live website.

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