Me & Mine - May 2017

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our family for May.

This was taken during the party we held for Baby R for his first birthday. The theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We were meant to have a big party with Mr MoaB's family but our plans changed so it was just the four of us at home, but we had lots of fun!

This was taken in New Brighton where we stopped off for an ice-cream. Mr MoaB & I met in Brighton (the real one down South) and it's very dear to our hearts. It felt only right that we should visit New Brighton.

May Highs:
  • - We celebrated Baby R's 1st Birthday. There have been so many changes to our lives since his arrival but he is an absolute delight and truly makes our family complete. 
  • - Baby R decided that his birthday weekend would be a good one to start walking! He'd taken a few tentative steps before then, but started putting more steps together and now there's no stopping him. He walks around and around and around!
  • - Little Miss A's is doing so well with her writing and can now write her first name and surname without a prompt card. It's so great that she will use every opportunity to practice writing it. 
  • - The first bank holiday weekend saw us visiting the Manley Spring Fair. It's lovely that these type of traditional fairs still exist. 
  • - After the fair we went up to stay with Mr MoaB's Mum and see some of his family. It's always nice to spend time with them.
  • - I really wanted to go for a walk and find some bluebells so after a bit of research I found a place near Mr MoaB's Mum's called Dog Kennel Woods. It was a lovely walk and we got a few pictures with the kids. It's funny how his family hadn't heard of it and yet it's local to them!
  • - A train adventure with the kids as I took them to Manchester Central Library for the opening of the new Nick Sharratt Exhibition. We got the chance to meet the man himself and he signed some books for us. 
  • - Some dear friends travelled all the way up from the South Coast just to see us and have lunch before heading back again! So nice that they did this for us as we hadn't seen them in a very long time. We enjoyed a nice catch up over lunch in Chester. They did a bit of the Walls as well. 
  • - For the first time in a long time, we managed to go for a family swim. It was great for us all to splash about together. I can't wait for our holiday next month when we hope to take advantage of the pool everyday!
  • - We took Little Miss A ice-skating again. It was my turn to take her on the ice and we had great fun. We pretty much had the rink to ourselves. 
  • - On my treatment day, Mr MoaB took the kids to Blakemere Village including the soft play. It's nice that the kids are getting some time on their own with him but I wish it was because of different circumstances. 
  • - Little Miss A met Moana at a shopping centre. It's one of her favourite films at the moment. 
  • - Whilst we had the really hot weather, we wanted to head to the coast. We visited Red Rocks Nature Reserve and had a splash about. Then before heading home, we stopped at New Brighton for an ice-cream (as shown in the second photo above).
  • - Our house in Aylesbury has been put on the market. Fingers crossed for a quick sale.
  • - Little Miss A got the chance to make a fairy garden at a local plant fair. It's something I've been wanting to do with her for ages. I think we'll now add to it over time as we see bits.
  • - The kids and I had a fab day at the Geronimo Festival. I was a bit nervous about taking them on my own and thought we'd only last until lunchtime, but we were there until 4pm and packed a lot in to the day. There was so much we didn't do so hopefully we'll go again next year with Mr MoaB! 

May Lows:
  • - Mr MoaB's Mum was really poorly and had to have emergency surgery. She was in ICU for for several days and then remained in hospital for 3 weeks. She came out for a few nights, but is back in again. At least we're close enough for Mr MoaB to be able to visit in the evenings, but it's been really stressful and worrying. 
  • - After Little Miss A's bout of chicken pox last month we thought maybe Baby R wasn't going to get it but then on his birthday he got a few spots on his arm! Typical! We had to cancel his birthday party with family and stay at home. He didn't get any more spots, so I think he'll probably get it again in the future.
  • - Another month, more cancer treatment. The first of my treatments without the chemo element. It's ongoing indefinitely now. It was another incredibly long day as I had to wait a while to see my oncologist as usual but the side effects are minimal and I've been feeling pretty good all month. 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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5 Responses to “Me & Mine - May 2017”

  1. What a busy month you've all had! And yay for first steps and Baby R's first birthday!! I'm glad to hear you've been feeling pretty good this month. I hope June will be good to you. xx

    1. Thanks so much Alex. The month didn't feel that busy but when you write it down you realise! It was exciting to see Baby R walk for the first time. So many firsts for them when they're so small.

  2. Ahhh looking so summery with your shades and hats on here and that ice cream enjoying it so much. I love it. Hope June is just as good for you all too. #meandmineproject

    1. It's nice to get the summer wardrobe out! Here's hoping for lots of fun in the sun in June!

  3. What a busy month it has been for you. So sorry to hear about Mr MoaB's mum and hope she is now much better. Well done to Baby R on taking his first steps and Little Miss A on being able to write her name. Wishing you all the best with your treatment - I'm glad you have been feeling much better this month. Love the family photo with the ice-cream. #meandmineproject


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