Spring Trail at Gordale Garden Centre

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Garden Centres seem to be my go-to when I'm stuck for things to do with the kids and as we've moved we now have a whole load of new ones to explore!

Our plans for today changed and I was at a loss of how to entertain the kids this afternoon. So we headed off to Gordale Garden Centre in South Wirral as they have a Spring Trail running during the Easter holidays.

We picked up our Trail sheet for £2.50 at the Customer Service Desk and headed off. Little Miss A was actually really quite excited about the whole thing and once we'd found the first Bunny she was really quick to spot the next few.

Half way round was 'The Gordale Express' which was a good photo opportunity!

We then took a break from the Trail and headed for the Play Area. Split in to two sections, we spent a good hour here particularly as the sun had come out. Little Miss A made a few friends and was quite happy to run around with them. I love it when she comes over all excited that she's made a new friend. She never remembers to find out their names until I prompt her!

We took a short wander to see the various birds in the wildlife area and lake, before finishing off the rest of the Trail. The clues were very clever for the Trail and once I'd worked out the anagram for her, Little Miss A was rewarded with a Lindt chocolate bunny for completing the trail.

We decided to treat ourselves to some cake in the cafe before going back to the play area for another quick play before we headed home. I thought we'd only be out about an hour, but we were out all afternoon!

This garden centre is a great find for us with it's great play area. I found out about their Easter Trail on the Gordale Garden Centre Facebook page.

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