Easter Bunny Trail at Blakemere Village

Friday, 21 April 2017

Hunting for bunnies and eggs on the Easter Bunny Trail at Blakemere Village.

On Easter Sunday morning after our egg hunt at home, I took the kids off to Blakemere Village. We've visited before but this time we were going solely for the purpose of doing the Easter Bunny Trail that was running.

We arrived about 10.30am and headed for the main information office which was closed. Not a good start. Another family were also waiting and they called up as they like us had seen that the Trail was meant to be running from 10am every day. We were told that we could collect a Trail sheet from one of the shops so off we trundled.

The Trail sheet cost £2 which is reasonable for these types of Easter hunts. We were searching for various things including bunnies and coloured eggs. We found the first couple quite easily and then got a bit stuck. From speaking to other families, it became apparent that we were meant to be going in to each shop to search for the items. This wasn't clear but it meant that we then found a few more in quick succession.

We continued round the Trail but after a few shops where we couldn't find the bunnies or eggs, I started to get a bit frustrated as it was quite hard on my own to keep going in and out the narrow shop doorways with the pushchair and Little Miss A. On the Trail sheet you just had to tick to say you'd seen the items, so I have to admit that as Little Miss A didn't know how many we were meant to be finding, I cheated a bit and ticked them anyway. She was quite happy and didn't mind one bit! Particularly when she was presented with a Rolo chocolate egg at the end for completing the trail!

The actual bunnies that we did find were really lovely. I feel a bit bad that we didn't do it all, but Little Miss A really didn't mind.

We had seen a few fairground rides on our walk around so I promised Little Miss A a go on one before we went home. These were £2 a ride so just one ride was quite enough. There was also a free sand pit which kept Little Miss A occupied for a while.

We were really fortunate with the weather as it was pouring with rain when we were driving there but stayed dry whilst we did the Trail, only starting to spit again as were leaving.

I'm left feeling a little bit disappointed with my experience of Blakemere Village again. You can read more about our first visit to Blakemere Village in Northwich. It has so much potential to be a fantastic place to keep going back to but both times we've had to wait around for things to open (the office was closed and we had to wait until the fairgrounds opened at 11.30am). The Trail was just made a little bit more difficult than it needed to be for parents with pushchairs etc. I'm sure those with older children had a very different experience but for us it wasn't the best. It's just me that left feeling like this though. Little Miss A enjoyed herself and was really well behaved the whole time and that's what matters!

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