Hosting a Charlie and Lola Party

Monday, 24 April 2017

Some ideas for hosting a Charlie and Lola themed Birthday Party.

When I asked Little Miss A what theme she'd like her Birthday Party, I thought she'd say Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig. Instead she chose Charlie & Lola.

The shops are full of party items for other themes, but of course not for Charlie and Lola so it meant I had to get creative!

My favourite things on the decoration front were definitely the large drawings of Charlie & Lola. I just drew these freehand. I'm definitely not an artist and hated Art classes at school, but I think they turned out pretty well.

I purchased a pastel coloured banner that was quite plain. I found a font on the computer that was similar to the typeface used in the books and printed off the letters of Little Miss A's name. I could have used any old font for the letters, but the perfectionist in me wanted to try to make it match the books! I used some themed stickers that I bought online to embellish the banner as well. I think we'll put the banner up in Little Miss A's bedroom now.

The butterfly features heavily in the TV series credits etc. It's a very simplistic shape butterfly so I cut out lots of butterflies from patterned paper and used these to stick on the chairs around the table.

I'd also managed to get hold of the soft dolls for Little Miss A on ebay. The bonus was that they talk! A fab addition to the table.

Food & drink
The party had to include pink milk - Lola's favourite drink. I put this in clear plastic cups and printed off some banners to put around the cups. The final touch were some fun stripy straws. To be more true to the books they probably should have had curly straws in them.

We also had all the usual party food with a few fun things like glitter jelly. I printed off some little Charlie & Lola pictures and put these on cocktail sticks.

I did manage to purchase a pack of Charlie & Lola themed paper plates (affiliate link) online. There weren't enough to go around so some of the adults just had plain plates but Little Miss A was excited to see Lola on her plate!

Party games
We didn't actually have time to play any games at her party but I had a few ideas which I thought fitted with the theme. Many of these would have used the fun stripy straws that I bought as drinking from straws features quite heavily in the series when they drink pink milk etc.

- Stick the butterfly on Lola - a variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey but using the large Lola picture I had drawn.
- Straw tug of war - put a straw on the table horizontally between 2 people who each have a straw. They have to blow the straw in the middle of the table towards each other. The person who gets it across to the other side of the table wins.
- Straw & Smarties game - 2 teams. Bowl of smarties for each team and each person has a straw and an empty bowl in front of them. Each team must transfer as many smarties as possible bowl by bowl down the line.
- Pass the elastic band - 2 teams and each person has a straw in their mouth. Pass the rubber band down the line only using the straws.
- Hula hoops - we recently watched the episode called 'I Am Making A Craze' where all the kids were hula hooping so I did buy Little Miss A a hula hoop as I thought it would be fun to include some hula hoop challenges.

Party bags
As we just had a family party, I just put together some party bags for Little Miss A and her 2 cousins from bits I had already however if there had been more children then a few ideas I had to include were:
Curly straws (affiliate link)
A sheet of Charlie & Lola stickers (affiliate link)
Dr Moo Strawberry Milk Magic Sipper Straws

We asked a friend to buy a Charlie & Lola CD (affiliate link) for Little Miss A. Unfortunately it arrived in the post the day after the party, but I would have liked to have played the theme tune as Little Miss A came in to the room!

The CD is really fun with songs and snippets from the TV show. It's the only CD that's been played in the car since we received it!

Free Downloads
I spent a lot of time trawling the internet for pictures to use etc. Here's some of the resources I used:
Charlie and Lola Activity Sheets from Orchard Books
Charlie & Lola Colouring Pages from Kidspot
Charlie and Lola on CBeebies including episodes, games and an activity book

It might not have been the easiest of party themes but I'm really pleased with how it all turned out. Little Miss A liked the decorations and everyone had a really lovely time. We have the drawings up on our dining room wall now!

So this is some ideas on how to have a Charlie and Lola party. Would love to know if you host a Charlie & Lola party and what you get up to.

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