Me & Mine - January 2017

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our little family for January.

It was a very rushed photo on the last day of January and Grandma took it, so it's pretty blurred but hey ho! It still shows us as we are now. Little Miss A wouldn't get out of her tunnel so we just took it with her inside! No idea what she's shouting but whatever it is, she's got Baby R's full attention!

It's also the first family photo showing me with no hair. In the rush to get the photo taken, I forgot to put my hat on. I then realised that it really didn't matter and have gone public with the news that I am living with cancer, which you can read more about.

January Highs:
  • - Right on our doorstep is Helsby Hill and we've enjoyed a couple of great walks up to the top where there are some great views.
  • - I took the kids to a local place called Blakemere Village. It's a mixture of lots of things. The highlights for Little Miss A were the Aviary and the Soft Play Centre.
  • - Little Miss A started at her new nursery and really likes it. They've said it's like she's been there for ages, which is so great to hear and such a relief that she's made the transition with ease.
  • - We had a mad panic to view some local schools before the application deadline. It's hard to believe Little Miss A will be starting school in September but one of our decisions for moving was because of schools, and though we do have a top choice, we'll be happy with any of the local schools.
  • - Our first visit to a National Trust property up here was to do the Alice in Wonderland Trail at Erddig. This was an absolutely fantastic trail, one of the best we've ever done with so much to see and do along the way.  
  • - There was lots of talk of snow at one point during the month, but we didn't get any so Little Miss A and I had lots of fun building an indoor snowman
  • - For a while Little Miss A has been talking about ice skating so I found a toddler ice skating session at Silver Blades Ice Rink in Altrincham and she had her first taste of skating which she loved!
  • - After several failed attempts where Little Miss A threw a bit of a strop, we finally got to see the Gruffalo statue at Delamere Forest. We were frequent visitors to the one in Wendover Woods and it was good to finally see this one.
  • - We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch weekend. I love encouraging Little Miss A to take interest in nature and wildlife so this was a great opportunity to spend some time making some bird feeders and then doing some bird spotting.
  • - We've been fortunate to have lots of visitors this month. Typically they all came within a few days of each other rather than spread across the month but it was so fantastic to see all of them as all made special arrangements to make the trip to see us in our new home. Thankyou to them. 
  • - This blog celebrated it's 3 year blogiversary! I'm so pleased that I started it and though it's been quite difficult at times to find time to write, I'm so glad that I am still doing it when I can and will have this fantastic record for the kids when they grow up.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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2 Responses to “Me & Mine - January 2017”

  1. So sorry to hear that you are living with cancer. I love the photo of you all - it's such a happy family photo even if it is a bit blurry. How funny that Little Miss A wanted to stay in her tunnel. So glad that Little Miss A likes her new nursery and hope you get a place at the school you'd like her to go to. The Alice in Wonderland trail sounds like a lot of fun. Hope that this month has been a good one for you and that all is going well with your cancer treatment x

    1. Thanks so much Louise. All going okay with my treatment (touch wood that continues) and trying to get out and about as much as possible to explore our new area.


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