Living with Cancer

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

It was World Cancer Day on Saturday 4th February and therefore it seemed appropriate to share the news that I am living with cancer.

I went public on my personal Facebook page on Saturday and have had such lovely messages of support from my friends. I was intending to publish this post at the weekend too, but as usual time ran away from itself so I'm doing it now.

For ease, I'm just going to repeat what I posted to my friends on Facebook:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of last year and it has came as a complete blow after what was already an incredibly hard year for us.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and receiving fantastic care at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. I am so grateful to Mr MoaB for his unending support through this. Also all our friends and family that are helping us. Our wonderful kids give me such joy and my focus is on them whilst doing everything I can to stay strong and fight this.

Dear friends - I just wanted to be open with you all. If for no other reason than you may notice the odd photo where I have no hair (not liking the wig!). I'm not looking for sympathy. If anything, I want things as normal as possible, for me, Mr MoaB and the kids.

But I would like to raise awareness that cancer can affect any one of us so please check yourself and look after yourself. Don't delay. Seek medical advice if you notice anything, however small.

#worldcancerday #actofunity

So this is me now with no hair! I got my head shaved on Christmas Eve.

This plate that Little Miss A got for Christmas makes me laugh (you create silly faces with food on it). When Little Miss A saw the plate she just said 'it looks like Mummy!'. She just accepts it that I have no hair and I'm getting more and more used to it! You'll most likely see me with a variety of hats on in photos but occasionally I'm brave enough not to wear one for pictures.

This is very different from my normal posts, but one I wanted to do so that I can continue posting and sharing photos etc. in my usual way.

At some point I may share more of my story but for now this is a big enough step for me.

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