Siblings - January 2017

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Joining up with The Siblings Project with these photos of Little Miss A and Baby R. 

These first ones were taken in the build up to Christmas. It was Baby R's first Christmas and he had no real idea what was going on. Whereas this year Little Miss A was really excited about it all as she started to understand that Father Christmas would visit and bring presents. It was such fun building up the magic of Christmas for her.

This next photo is special as it has the pair wearing items knitted by their Nana. Little Miss A wore the same cardi and hat for her first Christmas and it was lovely to see Baby R in them!

This picture was taken on Christmas morning. Little Miss A was thrilled with her stocking full of presents. So much so that when anyone asks about what she got for Christmas, she says 'A Hungry Caterpillar toothbrush' which was a small item in her stocking! Know what to buy her next year! Baby R just liked all the wrapping paper!

Lastly, there's this picture which just makes me smile when I look at it. Little Miss A is so good and patient around Baby R. Long may it continue! Little Miss A has always been talkative but she has become a major chatterbox recently. I wonder if Baby R will ever get a word in edge ways! Baby R is really losing his baby looks and now sits up so confidently. It's not going to be long until he's crawling as he rolls everywhere and gets up on his knees. He's really loving his Christmas present - a jumperoo!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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6 Responses to “Siblings - January 2017”

  1. These are such lovely happy shots x

    1. Thanks Laura. They always seem happy in each other's company.

  2. Aww those photos are just gorgeous. What lovely shots of Little Miss A and Baby R. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas :-) #siblingsproject

    1. Thanks Louise. We had a really lovely family Christmas. Hope you did too!

  3. Oh, first Christmas! You are going to cherish these photos forever. Just gorgeous x

    1. Thanks Donna. Definitely memories to cherish!


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