Me & Mine - November 2016

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Joining up with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our little family for November.

The photos are both a bit grainy but hey ho, I like them! They were taken at a local Christmas Grotto and capture a bit of the festive season that we're now coming into. I think Baby R is looking so much older in these photos. He celebrated his half year birthday this month and since then he's mastered the art of rolling back and forth, is almost sitting on his own and is enjoying real food! The changes are happening so fast all of a sudden. Little Miss A continues to astound us with her ability to adapt to situations around her and her imagination is amazing - we struggle to keep up with how fast her brain is working as she makes up new games to play with us. 

The month has been another tough one unfortunately. Life is continuing to really challenge us and so November has passed in a bit of a blur of trying to sort out our move and hospital appointments for me due to my health. Stressful doesn't cover it.

November Highs:
  • - The best experience this month was on a visit to ZSL Whipsnade. A Mum I met at Little Miss A's swimming lessons earlier in the year works there and invited us along. We arranged to meet up with her to say hi and she surprised us with the opportunity to feed the giraffes. It was amazing. They're one of my favourite animals. We also met up with her husband and daughter and the girls had a lovely time together including also feeding the meerkats. I can't thank her enough for making our visit so memorable.
  • - Three of my best friends travelled all the way up for Brighton to take me and the kids out for lunch. I haven't seen them in too long and miss them greatly so it was fantastic to see them and catch-up. 
  • - One of these friends paid a return visit a week later and we indulged ourselves with a sweet lunch at The Works in Aylesbury. Naughty but nice!
  • - I volunteered at another really successful NCT Nearly Nearly New Sale. It's always such a buzz on the day. We also managed to sell quite a lot of Little Miss A's clothes as Baby R definitely isn't going to want her wardrobe!
  • - I finished our term of swimming lessons with Baby R. It's been lovely to do this with him and brought back so many memories of doing the same with Little Miss A. He's really taken to the water and I do hope he continues to love swimming as much as his big sister as I can picture them having so much fun in the water together in the future.
  • - The kids and I spent a lovely weekend staying with friends. We left Mr MoaB at home to do a load of DIY jobs around the house (lucky him!). They have a 4 year old and 1 year old twins and it was so fun to see them all interacting together. 
  • - That weekend we also visited my brother and his wife for lunch. It was good to catch-up with them before we move so much further away. 
  • - Mr MoaB's Mum came to stay for what turned in to a couple of weeks. This allowed Mr MoaB to come with me to my hospital appointments as she looked after the kids. It was nice for her to have the opportunity to spend so much time with the kids. With her staying, it also meant that Mr MoaB and I could actually go on a date night which was really enjoyable. 
  • - Our first Christmasy experience was going to see the Santa Parade in Aylesbury. I've taken Little Miss A every year to this. She particularly enjoyed having a go on the fairground rides and despite me saying she could go on just one - she ended up on two as she was having such fun!

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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2 Responses to “Me & Mine - November 2016”

  1. Ahhh sounds like you have a lovely Christmas time planned and seeing Santa is always a highlight for sure. We just went yesterday and it was the first year that MM went anywhere near him at three years old. hahaha Glad to hear your little one loves swimming lessons. I loved taking my two too. Happy Holidays #meandmineproject

    1. Hope you had a great Christmas Jenny. Thanks for co-hosting the #meandmineproject


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