Siblings - October 2016

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Joining up with The Siblings Project with these photos of Little Miss A and Baby R.

This has to be my favourite picture I've taken of the pair of them so far! They look so cute both dressed up as pirates! Little Miss A brought the bear home from her nursery for a week so we hosted a pirate party for her toys as the bear had exactly the same costume as her! Baby R was able to join in with his really cute costume too!

We managed to actually get away for a few days this month for our only holiday of the year. We went to North Wales and took a few pictures of the pair on the beach on a couple of different days.

Somehow I didn't publish a post for September so I'm including photos for last month as well.

This is another of my favourites. We're not really Star Wars fans but Baby R was given this outfit so I had to get a picture of him in it. They look so cute together here!

I also took these photos on a day when they had quite similar outfits on. Of course, I couldn't get Little Miss A to just smile for the camera, she kept making silly faces! I think the second picture captures how much she adores her brother. And his affection for her is really starting to show as he seems to save his best smiles for his big sister.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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