Play in the Park 2016 - National Play Day

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

For the fourth year in a row, I took Little Miss A along to the Play in the Park event in Vale Park, Aylesbury. She always picks the same things to do and most of them are free (thankfully).

This year we went along with two other Mummies and their kids. As we entered the park we bought 2 tokens each as we thought they'd all want to have a go on the bouncy castle.

Our first stop was the large sand pit where Little Miss A built some large sandcastles and wanted her feet to be buried. It's so fun to chart the changes in Little Miss A with a photo in the sand pit each year!

The kids then made a beeline for the drumming area. They quickly found a spare drum each and were soon joining in.

We then couldn't stall them any longer and took them over to the bouncy castle. They should have gone on the small one for the under 5s but this was tiny and really wouldn't have been that much fun for them so we chose to put them on the bigger castle instead. Unfortunately half way through their turn the whole thing deflated so there was a bit of a delay whilst they sorted the problem out and got it back up. Luckily the kids waited patiently. The 5 minutes did seem to go very quickly so not the best value for money.

We bumped into another friend of ours which was a lovely surprise. The girls decided to run off together and headed straight for the drums again.

When Little Miss A starting flagging, it was time for an ice-cream and one final go on the drums before we headed home.

We are fortunate that this annual event is so local to us and that we have been able to go each year.

You can see more photos from our day at Play in the Park 2014 and Play in the Park 2015 here.

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