Me & Mine - July 2016

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Joining up for with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with this photo of our little family for July.

It was taken at Waddesdon Manor (shame about the random person in the background, but never mind!). Baby R has changed so much in the last month. He's definitely losing his newborn looks. Little Miss A has a nice bloodied nose from falling over (typical that she did this on the day we wanted to take our family photo!).

So it has been another really tough month and I'm just about holding it all together. There's tougher times ahead in the next few weeks which I'm absolutely dreading. Thank goodness for my kids who are keeping me going and prevent me from spending too much time dwelling on things.

July Highs:
  • - Mr MoaB and I both celebrate our Birthday in July. Mr MoaB right at the beginning of the month and me on the 25th. Both have been very subdued this year with everything that is going on. Next year is my big 4-0 so it will be more of a celebration.
  • - We took Baby R swimming for the first time and it was a success! He didn't winge at all! It was lovely seeing him in the water with Little Miss A. I'm going to start lessons with him in September and I really hope he's as much of a water baby as his sister!
  • - We're really fortunate that there is a Roald Dahl Festival and Parade held in our local town each year. This year the theme was The BFG. Little Miss A really enjoyed watching the Parade and we did lots of themed activities. 
  • - Baby R had his first set of vaccinations. It's never nice letting someone stab needles into them but he was really brave and thankfully got over them pretty quickly. 
  • - Little Miss A had lots of fun at a pirate themed party for one of her friends. It was lovely to see her confidence around the other children she didn't know. 
  • - Little Miss A had fun on a walk we took with friends at Coombe Hill.
  • - We had a lovely visit from some good friends. It was so nice that they came out of their way to visit us.  
  • - I took Little Miss A to a free event organised by AVDC. She'll tell you that the best bit was going on the bouncy castle 3 times!
  • - We finished the month off with a family visit to Waddesdon Manor. It was great to get out together. Little Miss A got to make some ice-cream as part of their school holiday activities. She also spent lots of time in the playground.
  • - We are now looking after my parent's dog - Sassy. It's strange having a dog again after our dog-sitting stint last year. Little Miss A is enjoying visiting the playground a lot more frequently again on our walks.
  • - We've had lots of fun in the garden particularly in the paddling pool during the heatwave. Let's hope the good weather continues into August.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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2 Responses to “Me & Mine - July 2016”

  1. Wow, you guys are always so busy with different activities! That's so lovely. Little Miss A looks adorable in this photo! xx


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