Me & Mine - June 2016

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Joining up for with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with this photo of our little family for June.

The day before we took these pictures I'd taken a few photos of Little Miss A and Baby R on the floor for a Father's Day photo. The next day she wanted to recreate the photos with her Daddy. Then we were all messing about on the floor and I took these photos!

This month has been filled with great sadness which I may talk about at a later date but it's too raw at the moment.

We've still got out and about a bit, more so in the first half of the month.

June Highs:
  • - At the start of the month some of Mr MoaB's family came down to visit and to meet Baby R. We had a lovely few days with them including a walk in Rushmere Country Park and a fun afternoon doing the Leighton - Linslade Children’s Trail
  • - My Dad, Little Miss A and I managed to catch a fleeting glance of the Flying Scotsman when it passed through Kettering.  
  • - We were invited to host a Bowling Party at Hollywood Bowl for Little Miss A and she had a great time with some of her friends trying bowling for the first time. 
  • - On one of the rare hot days, I went to the Leighton Buzzard Splash Park with a couple of other Mums. The kids had such fun in both the splash park and big sand pit. 
  • - We had a fun day in Wendover Woods on Father's Day doing the Stickman Trail and trying our hand at the Stickman Games. 
  • - We took a walk around the Aston Clinton Ragpits to see the orchids. We've talked about doing this since our first visit to the Ragpits over 2 years ago when we read about the orchids, but each year we've missed the flowering season so pleased to have finally seen them. 
  • - I helped at another really successful NCT Nearly New Sale. Hard work, but really enjoyable. Hopefully sold a lot too as need to replace all the pink stuff with blue now!
  • - Baby R's weight has now picked up and he's going from strength to strength. He's settled in to our family so well, we can't imagine a time without him. 
  • - It has been so lovely introducing Baby R to some of our friends who have made special trips to come and visit us. We don't live near to any of our close friends, so it's so nice when we do get to see them. 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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