Siblings - June 2016

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Joining up with The Siblings Project for the first time with these photos of Little Miss A and Baby R.

These two have only been a part of each other's lives for a month but what a lovely month it has been.

Little Miss A is so affectionate towards her new baby brother. We're so proud of how she has accepted him in the family and how she cares so much for him. He gets the best kisses and cuddles from his big sister. I'm so looking forward to seeing how their relationship grows over time and taking a monthly photo will mean they have a special record of their time growing up together.

I'm also including this photo from May as it was taken when they met each other for the first time on the day Baby R was born. I'll never forget their first meeting, it was so special.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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6 Responses to “Siblings - June 2016”

  1. Ah cute photos and congratulations! x #siblingsproject

  2. Awww! Congratulations and welcome to the Siblings project - what a treat to be starting right from the very beginning!

    1. Thanks Carie. Hopefully I can keep going with the project as it is great to start right from the start of their relationship.

  3. Firstly, so sorry it's taken me so long to pop over and comment! Secondly, how lovely to be able to join the project :) Love the photos, and it will be so wonderful to have a record of them together right from the start. #siblingsproject

    1. Thanks Sara. Definitely going to try hard to keep taking these photos each month so they have a record of their relationship as they grow.


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