Me & Mine - May 2016

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Joining up for with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with this photo of our little family for May. Our first as a family of four!

It was taken during a photoshoot we had with Photography By Us when Baby R was just 6 days old. There were so many fab pictures taken that day but we really loved this one of the four of us.

This month has all been about Baby R. The first couple of weeks were pretty quiet for us as I 'tried' to take it easy as due date neared. Then we welcomed our gorgeous son into the world on May 12th and since then the weeks have all been about finding our way as a family of four!

May Highs:
  • - The biggest high of all was the arrival of Baby R. You can read more about how our son came into this world in his birth story.    
  • - Little Miss A's reaction to her new baby brother - from their first meeting she has been so wonderful with him. She's so gentle and gives him so many kisses throughout each day.
  • - Introducing Baby R to my parents. A massive thankyou goes to them for looking after Little Miss A whilst we were in hospital. 
  • - The month started with a lovely family walk at Dancersend Nature Reserve where we enjoyed seeing lots of bluebells.  
  • - I took Little Miss A to a Family Fun Day in Tring where the highlight was her being able to send her soft toys down a big zip wire from the Church tower! 
  • - The heatwave early on in the month meant we spent loads of time in the garden and there was a lot of water play!
  • - I spent some quality Mummy & Daughter time with Little Miss A in Wendover Woods before baby arrived. We had a lovely time on the Stickman Trail, eating ice-cream and in the playground. 
  • - We visited Black Park to introduce Baby R to Mr MoaB's work colleagues. He was definitely a big hit with all the staff. 
  • - Little Miss A has a thing about pirates at the moment and I managed to get a pirate costume for just £1.75 which she looks so cute in. We then found a great playground in Milton Keynes with a pirate theme. 
  • - As if there weren't enough changes going on in Little Miss A's life right now, she's just gone up to the pre-school class at her nursery. Thankfully she absolutely loves it! She doesn't stop talking about being a 'big girl' and going to pre-school and we play a lot of 'pretendity' pre-school!
May Lows:
  • - The biggest thing has been a concern over Baby R's weight. The first few days were a struggle with feeding and he lost 13% of his birth weight so we've had to have lots of extra weigh-ins with him. He's now doing really well and is back up to his birth weight.
  • - I am so behind with posts for this blog. There are so many in my drafts that I really need to write as this blog is a record for Little Miss A (and now Baby R) for when they're older of what we've been up to. It's frustrating and I'm not sure when I'll catch-up on myself.

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  1. He's gorgeous! You forget just how small they are, my daughters 6 months and quite a chunk.


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