Welcome to the World Baby R!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

On Thursday 12th May at 2.08am we welcomed a baby boy into the world.

I'm still in a bit of shock that it's a boy as we didn't want to find out at the scan but I was really convinced it would be another girl as my pregnancy just felt very similar.

We were originally planning a home birth. Then when they kept saying we were having a small baby so needed extra scans and monitoring, it looked like we were going to have to be induced on our due date - 7th May.

At the last scan on Thursday 5th May the consultant actually said they were happy to sign us off so that we could continue with our plans. Hurrah! Back on for a home birth. Or so we thought! Baby had other ideas!

My waters broke on Tuesday morning whilst Mr MoaB took Little Miss A to nursery. Perfect we thought! Quick birth and Little Miss A can come home after nursery to meet her new baby brother or sister! Haha! If only!

Despite my best efforts of sitting on my birthing ball all day, going for a walk etc. baby was not showing any signs of coming. We had 2 visits from the midwives during the day to check up on us, but nothing happening.

We knew from Little Miss A's birth that we only had a window of 24 hours from waters breaking before we'd need to go to the hospital to have antibiotics. I was still hopeful that baby might make an appearance overnight but it wasn't to be.

My Mum & Dad arrived on Wednesday morning to look after Little Miss A and off Mr MoaB and I trotted to the hospital. Little did we know that we were still in for a very long wait.

The day passed very slowly and uneventfully. Baby was not wanting to come anytime soon. We kept going for walks around the hospital, doing cryptic crosswords, reading, chatting and generally getting bored waiting.

Finally around tea time things started happening. I quickly asked for the antibiotics as they needed to be in my system for 2 hours before delivery. We actually had to have top ups.

I used breathing techniques to get me through all the contractions. Mr MoaB was put in charge of rubbing my lower back as that was where I could feel it all the most. Again we wandered the corridors and spent a lot of time at the end of a corridor where there was an open window as the ward was just so hot.

The contractions started intensifying as we approached about 1am so we asked to go downstairs to the delivery room. Just as well we asked when we did as we weren't there that long before I started to push.

18 minutes after I started pushing, our baby boy was born. Mr MoaB had to double check the sex before he told me as he was so surprised it was a boy.

As with Little Miss A's birth, I'd managed to get through the whole process without any pain relief. Just relying on my breathing. I'm so glad I did some yoga pregnancy classes again to help with breathing techniques. Mr MoaB helped me to stay focused on my breath by counting to 4 for my in-breath and 8 for my out-breath and gently tapping on my hand with the count. It worked! The midwife said what a great team we made! Pretty proud of myself really!

I couldn't wait for Little Miss A to meet her new brother (who didn't have a name at that point!). I was a bit nervous too as we had no idea how she'd react to him. We couldn't have hoped for a better reaction though as she was immediately besotted with him and just kept asking for a cuddle. She was so gentle with him. It was so lovely.

Mr MoaB and I had narrowed our name choice down to two but we still weren't sure so we decided to give the final vote to Little Miss A. We gave her the name suggestions and she very strongly chose one name over the other, so that's what he'll be known by. At least in the future, if he doesn't like his name, he will have to blame her!

Unfortunately we had to stay in hospital overnight as they had to monitor Baby R because of the antibiotics which was a bit disappointing as would love to have got home sooner. The night passed quite uneventfully but I couldn't wait for Mr MoaB to return the next day and to get home.

Thankfully we were discharged on Friday morning after having all the necessary checks and tests. I was all packed up and ready to go straight away when Mr MoaB arrived. Little Miss A was really keen to help carry Baby R home and had her hand on the car seat the whole way to the car!

The staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital were all fantastic. A massive thankyou goes to them for making the whole process as easy as possible and taking such good care of Baby R and me. I definitely felt like I was in control of the decisions this time around so the birth was how I wanted it to be. I'm so thankful that we have the NHS with such amazing staff.

A massive thankyou also to my parents who looked after Little Miss A whilst we were at the hospital. Especially my Mum who stayed for two nights. So glad they were on hand and meant I didn't have to worry about Little Miss A whilst I was away. It was so great that she got to meet Baby R within hours of his birth.

We're now settling into life as a family of 4. It's been so nice to have Mr MoaB home on paternity leave. His support has been fantastic and he loves having another man in the house to even things out!

Little Miss A has continued to be absolutely amazing with her new brother. She gets so concerned when she hears him cry and doesn't like it. Every morning she asks for a cuddle and kiss and throughout the day she just gives him lots of kisses. I really hope they grow to have a close, loving relationship.

I'm in awe of how we can create such perfect little human beings within our bodies and they're born with everything from hair to finger nails. It really is a amazing.

We are so fortunate to be blessed with our two children and our family is now complete. I feel very privileged to be their Mummy and love them both so very much.

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4 Responses to “Welcome to the World Baby R!”

  1. Aww massive congratulations! Beautiful photographs too. Miss A seems like a proud big sister.

    1. Thanks so much Rebecca. Little Miss A really is a doting big sister.

  2. Congratulations! Such a gorgeous little boy x


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