A Review of Green Dragon Farm & Eco Centre

Monday, 21 March 2016

This weekend we paid another visit to the Green Dragon Eco Farm in Quainton. Little Miss A and I spent a great morning exploring all areas of the farm and it was a lovely time to re-visit as there were lots of baby animals to see!

Our first visit to Green Dragon Farm was back in March 2015 when only certain parts were open to the public and it was free. We visited with a friend in September when it was fully open and explored a lot more of the outdoor areas. Then we visited again in November when Grandma paid us a visit.

When you arrive you pay in the Eco Centre and can choose to purchase food for the animals. There's also a board with details of the times of the different activities such as small animal handling and pony grooming. Some of these are just open sessions, for others you need to get a time ticket.

Usually our first port is the Animal Barn. This is a great place to feed the animals if you have bought food at the reception desk. We didn't buy any today but have on previous occasions. They also do the pony grooming here. This is something Little Miss A specifically asked to do today as she's done it before.

Next door to this barn is the Pet Cabin with the smaller animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils. At various times during the day they have pet handling sessions. Today we had a close encounter with two of the guinea pigs.

There are a whole lot of different animals out in the paddocks, so it's well worth a walk around this large area.

A walk around the paddocks brings you back to the large Play Area. This has two large climbing frames, a few bits of other playground equipment as well as two large sandpits.

Plus there is Little Miss A's favourite thing - a big bouncy inflatable pillow. Each time it's been hard to get Little Miss A off this!

A great addition to the Farm is the Soft Play Barn which opened late last year. It's the perfect area to go when you need to warm up as we did today! The great thing is that you can easily see where your child is within the soft play, so you relax with your cup of tea from the cafe whilst keeping an eye on them running around. When we visited in November with Mr MoaB's Mum, we were in this Barn so long that we ended up having lunch there too!

There is a ride-on and pedal kart area outside the Soft Play Barn and also a Messy Play Barn which is a bit sparse of things but has some sandpits (including one where you can excavate dinosaur bones!) and also large blocks which Little Miss A always enjoys building towers with.

If you're in need of refreshments, then there is a restaurant in the Eco Centre and also a cafe in the Soft Play Barn. If you want to take your own food, there are outside picnic tables for when the weather is warm but also an indoor picnic shelter if it's cold or wet.

We used a Groupon voucher to get into the Farm today so it's worth keeping an eye out for future offers. Children under 2 are free. You can also buy an annual pass if you're likely to visit frequently. They can cater for children's birthday parties and hold special events during the year which are usually posted on the Green Dragon Facebook page.

It really is good that there is lots to do both indoors and out, so whatever the weather you can visit the Farm. They've definitely tried to cover all bases so that you can visit year round. As it's just 20 minutes outside of Aylesbury, it's a great local farm to visit.

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