Me & Mine - February 2016

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Joining up for with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project with these photos of our little family for February.

The first picture was taken last weekend at Waddesdon Manor. Little Miss A was trying to squirm away from the camera, but we just managed to take a shot in time! The second was taken last week at Jamie's Italian restaurant in Milton Keynes.

February Highs:
  • We enjoyed a lovely family walk in the winter sunshine at Weston Turville Reservoir
  • Little Miss A and I spent a lovely weekend away staying with friends. They have a daughter a similar age to Little Miss A and it was lovely to see them getting on so well. 
  • During half term, Little Miss A and I did a Teddy Bear Hunt in Green Park. It didn't start off too well but by the end Little Miss A was smiling and enjoying herself!
  • This month we've visited Waddesdon Manor on 2 occasions. I took Little Miss A during half term and we took part in the Orienteering Challenge which was really great fun and she loved the medal she got at the end. We then visited again last weekend and took part in their Winter Weekends Trail that took us all around the grounds. 
  • We took a drive down to Battersea Park last week. Mr MoaB tried out the new Go Ape course there with some of his work colleagues, and Little Miss A and I explored the park and had fun watching her Daddy swinging way up high. 
  • We were invited to review the Super Lunch Deal Menu at Jamie's Italian and visited the Milton Keynes restaurant for a lovely lunch with my parents. 
  • I enjoyed volunteering at another Nearly New Sale run by our local NCT branch. They're always fab events and it was really busy. I sold quite a few bits and managed to pick up a few bargains too! 
  • I had some very unexpected good news about my job as it was made permanent, despite the fact that I'm about to go on maternity leave. I've been really enjoying it and it's great to know that I now have a job to go back to after having baby number 2. 

February Lows:
  • Mr MoaB has been working really hard with minimum time off. We've tried to make the most of the days of he has had. We are planning a few nights away over the next couple of months before baby arrives so we will have these to look forward to.
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