National Libraries Day 2016

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Today was National Libraries Day and there were lots of events taking place at libraries around the country.
National Libraries Day. Use it, love it, join it!

Little Miss A and I went along to this National Libraries Day event at Aylesbury Library last year, so I knew she'd have fun again today.

Little Miss A has always enjoyed going to the library and today was no exception. As soon as we arrived, it was coat off and she ran off to the Children's section!

The activities were the same as last year with a Bounce & Rhyme session (a singing session of nursery rhymes and action songs) and crafts to make. We used to go to Bounce & Rhyme a lot when Little Miss A was younger, but haven't been for a long time. It was amazing to hear her singing along to the songs - she knew all the words and actions!

There were a few different crafts to make themed for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. Little Miss A is getting more interested in crafts (or "sticking and drawing" as she calls them). We re-visited the craft table several times during the course of the morning to add more to her dragon mask. 

We spent some time reading a few books and singing the 'ABC' song as she jumped around on the alphabet mat. We also took advantage of the free refreshments on offer. 

There was a 'Reading Ramble' quiz but I must admit this was difficult even for me, let alone Little Miss A. I couldn't actually find the first few books on the list, and as Little Miss A couldn't join in, we gave up on this. It's a shame this wasn't more visual with more of a trail to follow around the library or letters to collect and then unscramble to make a word.

Time flew by this morning and before we knew it, we'd been at the library for two hours, so it was then time to head home for lunch.

It's always great to see the library being used by families and really busy. It's worth keeping an eye on the Aylesbury Library Facebook page for future events.

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