Winter Lights 2015 at Waddesdon Manor

Friday, 1 January 2016

For the second year in a row we have found ourselves at Waddesdon Manor on New Year's Day to see the Winter Lights.

We were running out of time to see them as they're only on until this Sunday. It was actually raining when we set out for the short drive, but thankfully by the time we got there, it had stopped!

Firstly we headed into the Gardens to see Bruce Munro's light art installation called ...---... SOS.

I'd seen a few images online of this installation beforehand but I wasn't anticipating the sheer number of tents that were there. The light colours were really fun and it was all set to a variety of music clips so I kept bursting into dance to make Little Miss A smile! We also played a game of hide & seek behind some of the tents!

I think I was expecting something else as well as the tents, because last year when we saw the Winter Lights at Waddesdon there were lots of different light installations. However, it was still good to see.

We then headed towards the house to grab a hot drink before seeing the Woodroffe Basset's Transformation son et lumiere performance on the front of the house. The house and surrounding trees were bathed in colourful light. It was very pretty.

We made such good use of our National Trust membership last year that we have renewed for this year and can already tick off one visit for 2016! I know they'll be many more to Waddesdon this year along with other properties.

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