Me & Mine - January 2016

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Joining up for the first month of 2016 with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project. Here's January's photo of our little family!

It was taken on our family walk in Milton Keynes. We tried a few times to get Little Miss A to pose with us and she refused so we had to take matters in to our own hands and grab her which she found hilarious!

January Highs:
  • It's becoming a bit of a tradition to visit Waddesdon Manor to see their Winter Lights on New Year's Day (well, we've been the last 2 years anyway!).
  • We had a really fun day in Milton Keynes. Little Miss A had a fab time at the soft play centre - 360 Play and then we went to lunch at one of my favourite restaurants - Las Iguanas.
  • On a cold, dismal day we re-visited Tring Museum. There's so much to see here that you always see something different. It's great for Little Miss A as she gets to practice her animal recognition. 
  • We had a chilly and muddy walk along the Stick Man Trail at Wendover Woods. The Stick Man is a firm favourite of ours since the TV version at Christmas. 
  • We explored a part of Milton Keynes that took us to a fab playground (Rhino Park), to a community cafe for a delicious lunch, to a peace pagoda and a stone circle. Not bad for a morning out! 
  • Little Miss A has seen her Nana & Pops twice this month. I love seeing her interaction with them. We also spent a lovely day in Black Park Country Park with my Aunt & Uncle who we don't get to see very often. 
  • This blog turned 2 this month! I'm so pleased that I started writing it and have kept going. It's such a great record of our family adventures and I love having this space to share photos and stories. 

January Lows:
  • I'm still struggling with pregnancy tiredness but Little Miss A's naps are getting more hit and miss which means I don't always get a rest when I really need one. 
  • Now I'm working, it does mean that our family time is reduced to just a day and a half, and the half day I'm usually desperate for an afternoon nap, so it's only really a day of quality time together. I know it's only a short term thing that our family time is reduced but I do miss it. I also know that the morning Mr MoaB and Little Miss A have together is really great for both of them. We must make sure that each of us spends individual time with Little Miss A when the new baby arrives. 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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4 Responses to “Me & Mine - January 2016”

  1. Ahh this is such a fun family snap! Love happy pictures like this! HUGE congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm sorry that I didn't see your announcement! You must be so exited! Hope the tiredness eases off a little. xx

    1. Thanks so much Alex. Think we both have very cheeky little ones!

  2. A lovely picture! This will be an exciting year for you all! Looking forward to watching it all unfold on #meandmine !!x

    1. Thanks so much Clarina. It's definitely going to be an exciting year!


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