Me & Mine - December 2015

Friday, 1 January 2016

Joining up for the last month of 2015 with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project. Here's December's photo of our little family!

This month's picture has to be a Christmas one! It was taken when we took Little Miss A to see Father Christmas in his Grotto. She wasn't too sure about meeting him so we all had to get into the photo!

December Highs:
  • We finally got around to announcing publicly that we are expecting again (due May 2016). It's lovely to share the news. We got to see our growing baby again with the 20 week scan. It's so reassuring to know everything is ok and on track. 
  • Of course, this month was all about lots of Christmas activities including a visit to the Winter Wonderland for the third year in a row, a Reindeer Trail and a Twelve Days of Christmas Trail, a Christmas Grotto, some festive family fun in Aylesbury, meeting Father Christmas in his Grotto, a festive train ride and some fun in a Snow Globe.
  • We met up with some friends for lunch that we haven't seen for far too long and finally got to meet their gorgeous twins. Their older daughter and Little Miss A got on so well, it was lovely to see.
  • Mr MoaB and I both enjoyed our various Christmas Parties. I actually beat him with three dos as not only did I have a work lunch, but also meals with the people I volunteer with on the local residents Committee and local branch NCT Committee. Even Little Miss A got to have a good boogie at the Christmas Party organised by our local residents Committee.
  • A really lovely Christmas spent with family. We started off with a few days at my parents' house, joined for Christmas Day by my brother and his wife. Then we travelled up North to spend three days with Mr MoaB's family. We packed a lot in as usual and came home exhausted, but it was a really great Christmas and we couldn't be prouder of Little Miss A and how well she coped with the whole week with so much going on and so many people.  
December Lows:
  • We're really fortunate that Little Miss A rarely gets ill but this month she's had two bouts of being poorly. The first was a day where she was sick all day! I lost count of the number of times we put the washing machine on that day! She really was a good patient though and didn't moan at all. Then, the weekend before Christmas she contracted conjunctivitis. She's had this in the past, but not for a long time. Thankfully it wasn't nearly as bad as it's been previously. She missed 1 day at nursery but I don't think she minded too much as she got to spend the day with her Nana & Pops who came down to look after her.
  • The only pregnancy symptom I have had to date and that continues is tiredness. Little Miss A tends to still have a nap, so I try to sleep during the day when she does! Not so possible on the days I work now! I was hoping it would have passed by now, but no such luck! 

Overall it's been a fantastic 2015 and we've enjoyed so many adventures together. I'm so glad I've been recording our little family each month and hope to continue into 2016, particularly as we'll have a new addition to join in the photos!

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