Festive Experience at Wicksteed Park

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My parents live very close to Wicksteed Park in Kettering and we thought Little Miss A was a great age this year to go on the Festive Train.

We booked for the last evening it was running. There was a bit of a panic as we got caught in some traffic on the journey from Aylesbury so were going to miss the time slot we booked. I called the Park up and they said that we would just be put on to the next available time slot when we did arrive. Phew!

We picked up our tickets and then waited a few minutes before going into the Elves' Workshop. The elves entertained the kids for a while before the children wrote their Christmas wishes and collected their very own mini-lantern.

 It was then time to board the train. After a very fleeting appearance by Father Christmas to wave us off, we set off on our journey around the edge of the large Lake. There were lots of festive lights and a laser display to enjoy along the way. It was chilly - my Mum was prepared with a blanket so she cuddled up with Little Miss A under this. If you plan to do this train ride this year, then I definitely recommend wrapping up really warm and taking blankets!

The final part of the Festive Experience was in the garden with a Lights and Lanterns display. The giant animal lanterns were lovely. My favourite was the Owl. 

There was a special tree to hang the Christmas wishes on so we tied Little Miss A's wish on. Then we took advantage of the warm drink and mince pie (included) as it was a chilly evening. 

It was nice to share this experience with Little Miss A's Nana & Pops and it started off our Christmas together really well.

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