Festive Family Fun in Aylesbury

Monday, 14 December 2015

Yesterday we went to another fantastic event organised by Aylesbury Town Council and all for free! Brilliant!

We had great fun last at the Festive Fun event last year so I was keen to take Little Miss A along again this year. A friend suggested we meet up which was great, always nice to do these things with someone and her son is the same age as Little Miss A.

After a quick catch-up over coffee, it was time to entertain the kids. Some of the activities were taking place inside Friars Square whereas there were fairground rides outside. This is where we spent most of our time. There were 5 different rides, 3 of which were suitable for little ones. Little Miss A started off on the swings with her friend, then had a go on the merry-go-round (she's braver than me!) before a quick spin on the teacups. She really doesn't have any fear.

Despite the town centre being really busy, there wasn't a queue for any of the rides which was great.

Inside the shopping centre, there was more of queue for the activities so we didn't really take part in any of these. There were crafts, games, balloon modelling and face painting. A big highlight was the Giant Inflatable Snow Globe which you could go into and have your photograph taken. We experienced some Snow Fun in the Snowglobe last year at a Garden Centre and got some great family pictures!

We watched a bit of the entertainers. Surprisingly both the kids were really taken with the penguins! To the point that we had to go and find them and say 'goodbye' before we went home!

We've been spoilt with free events organised by Aylesbury Town Council that we've been able to take advantage of! Thankyou to the organisers! Look forward to more of the same next year - please!

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