Animal Sculptures in Tring Park

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

We've visited Tring Park several times over the last year or so and on our last visit we tried and failed to find the wooden animal sculptures that they've introduced there.

So last week we set-off with the specific intention of finding the sculptures. It meant we bypassed the usual parts that we see including the Obelisk and the summerhouse, but we're so glad that we found the sculptures.

The carvings are an echo of Tring Park's past and Walter Rothschild's collection of exotic animals. There are sculptures with turtles, a zebra, a moth, wallabies and a cassiowary.

It's a bit of a walk uphill to get to them and it was pretty muddy in places, so be warned if you're visiting at this time of year.

When we found them, Little Miss A was in her element as you can climb on them. We went round them all to investigate but she spent the most time on the largest sculpture which was the best for climbing. There are a few posts dotted around as well with Did You Know? facts, plus an owl in the trees to spot!

There's not that information on the Woodland Trust about the carvings and they're not marked on the maps in the Park (presumably at some point they will be). So they're almost a hidden secret of the Park but well worth finding.

I'll try to describe how we found them:
  • - If you go over the footbridge from the car park and keep to the right of the Park.
  • - Follow the path, through a gate and keep heading up (this is where it was particularly muddy). 
  • - You'll join the path which is King Charles Ride.
  • - You'll come to the wooden archway on your right which I've previously described on our Autumn Walk in Tring Park last year (there's pictures of what it looks like too). 
  • - Go under the arch, up the bank and there will be the wooden carvings.
We've always enjoyed our walks in the Park but now there is the added bonus of these sculptures. It's definitely worth finding them!

It just started drizzling so we decided to leave. Good timing as the heavens opened just after we got back to the car. I'm sure we'll be back to these sculptures again soon for more fun with this crazy one!

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