Hunting Dinosaurs in Black Park

Sunday, 1 November 2015

"Rrrarrrr! Dinosaur!"

This was said a lot on Friday when we went to Black Park Country Park to hunt for some dinosaurs!

We decided to pay Mr MoaB a visit at the Park as he works there. After saying a quick hello as he was hanging around up in the trees at the time when we saw him, we headed off to the Visitor Centre to pick up a Dinosaur Hunt Map which cost £3.

We set off on the hunt and soon found our first dinosaur picture. Each one had a fact about a dinosaur so I filled in the Quiz Sheet for Little Miss A. The bit she most enjoyed was using the stamp ('dinosaur teeth') to mark the sheet!

Along the walk there were lots of muddy puddles for Little Miss A to go through! She enjoyed exploring the sculpture which we'd not seen before. She also spent quite a long time with a stick which became a broom for sweeping the leaves, a spoon for stirring the puddles and a drumstick for beating the tree stumps!

The Dinosaur Trail was just running last week for half term so it's finished now. We were fortunate that the rain cleared up by the time we got to the Park in the morning. It was nice to get out in the fresh air with Little Miss A and having things to hunt for always keeps her motivated when out walking! She liked the prize at the end too - some sweets!

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