Me & Mine - September 2015

Friday, 2 October 2015

Joining up again with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project. Here's September's photos of our little family!

Realised late on in the month that we hadn't got a family shot again, hence the very dodgy selfies! But the pictures do make me smile! They were taken in the very big chair at Rushmere Country Park on our family walk.

September Highs:
  • Our day exploring the world of Winnie the Pooh in 100 Aker Wood at Aldenham Country Park.
  • Mr MoaB and Little Miss A had a fun Daddy Daughter day at the Community & Emergency Services Day at Waddesdon Manor.
  • I attended my first ever blogging event - FunFest. Was so great to meet so many lovely bloggers and put some faces to names of blogs I know. Everyone is so passionate about blogging but so supportive of each other.
  • Fun at the Tudor Fayre in Aylesbury with Little Miss A attending Jester School and doing some sword fighting and Mr MoaB having a go at archery. 
  • Our last camping trip of the year at Swiss Farm Cottage, near Henley. A lovely weekend - beautiful weather during the daytime, very very cold at night!!
  • Managed to use our National Trust membership this month by visiting Grey's Court, which was very close to the campsite.  
  • Fun at the farm on a visit with a friend to Green Dragon Eco Farm. Little Miss A had her first experience of grooming a pony. The kids loved the huge inflatable pillow and could have stayed on it all day!
  • Some lovely family walks in Rushmere Country Park and Black Park.
  • I had an interview for a part time job with the local County Council and got it! Go me! Start in October and really looking forward to a new challenge. 
  • After quite a long break, I started taking Little Miss A to swimming lessons again. We've been taking her swimming but just not to lessons. She's loving it and I love seeing her enjoyment when she's in the water.
September Lows:
  • Only one low which was some very bad news about my Mum's health. This is when I wish we lived closer. It's so hard not being able to see her very often. My thoughts are constantly with her through this difficult time. 
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