Community & Emergency Services Day 2015 at Waddesdon Manor

Thursday, 24 September 2015

It was the turn of Mr MoaB to take Little Miss A along to the Community & Emergency Services Day at Waddesdon Manor this year which took place on 12th September. I took Little Miss A along to the Waddesdon Community Day in 2014 but this year I went to a bloggers event and left Mr MoaB and Little Miss A to have a nice Daddy Daughter Day!

The great thing about the Community Day is that entry into the gardens and house are free for everyone, you don't need to be a National Trust member. Last year we weren't members so this was our first experience of Waddesdon Manor, now we are members so this was Little Miss A's 7th visit of the year! This annual event is part of the Heritage Open Days and there are local emergency services and community teams providing activities for the kids to do.

Luckily Mr MoaB and Little Miss A had nice weather for their wander about. Little Miss A enjoyed meeting the various animals that were there.

It appears that her favourite thing was the motorbikes - big and small! She went on them several times.

She also enjoyed taking the driving seat in the police vehicles, especially the tractor. I love the fact that she wore the helmet (although it did keep slipping down so she couldn't see!).

Once they'd done a few circuits of all the emergency vehicles, they headed off to the Woodland Playground for a run around. I can't believe how long they spent that day at the Manor - they were there about 3 hours.

Hopefully this event will happen again next year. We'll be putting it in our diary!

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