Tudor Fayre in Aylesbury

Monday, 28 September 2015

This year we went along to the Tudor Fayre again. This annual event is organised by Aylesbury Town Council.

Most of the activities were at the Bucks County Museum but we did come across a band playing in Kingsbury and a couple of musicians in Market Square as well.

We started off in the Museum gardens and after a look at the amazing birds of prey, the Jester arrived and Little Miss A took part in a bit of his Jester School! I'm not sure she understood what she was taking part in but it was fun to watch her getting involved!

Little Miss A had a bit of a sword fight with her Daddy - she held her own against him! Then we headed inside the Museum. There was lots going on in here as well - much more than last year. Little Miss A had a bit of a dance to the musicians before doing some crafts. Then we found a room with archery so Mr MoaB had to have a go!

There were lots of other activities to take part in for older children such as candle making, along with different Tudor people to meet including a Naval Commander, Spice Merchant and Silk woman. King Henry VIII was also in attendance but we didn't manage to get a picture with him this year.

We popped back out to the garden before heading off. We went via Kingsbury and we're glad we did as there was a band playing. Little Miss A did a bit of dancing but then they turned on a big bubble machine and Little Miss A ran around with sheer delight!

Before we set off for home we went to the Old County Hall to see Karl Vaughan's photo exhibition - Aylesbury Timescapes. These were fantastic photos - he's managed to merge current views of the town with old views. Many of these photos can be seen on the Aylesbury Remembered Facebook page.

These events were part of the Heritage Open Days - a weekend where lots of events take place around the country, including in Aylesbury. You can read more here about our experience at the Charter Day & Tudor Fayre last year.

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