The Crows Nest - Beefeater Review

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Recently we enjoyed a family meal at the newly renovated Beefeater Crows Nest restaurant in Tring. It's definitely worth a visit if you haven't been for a while.

We were invited to review the restaurant so I asked my parents to join us for lunch as a treat for us all. Also, I thought it would be better to have 4 opinions (not including Little Miss A's!).

On arrival, Little Miss A was given a Mr Men & Little Miss pack which kept her distracted for a bit whilst we looked over the menus.

The weekday lunch menu is very good value. Although the list is more limited, it is all meals off the main (very comprehensive) menu and as I wanted steak I could opt for my preferred cut of steak at a cheaper price. My Dad was really pleased to see mussels on the menu as he doesn't have them very often.

Mr MoaB was the only one to opt for a starter - chicken wings. We chose pasta with tomato sauce for Little Miss A. The kids menu is really well designed with pictures as well as descriptions which really helps little ones to choose for themselves as they can point to what they want. I thought Little Miss A would wolf her meal down as we'd been swimming beforehand which always makes us hungry, but she didn't eat that much and was happy to just play with a few toys my Mum had brought for her.

My Mum and I had ordered sirloin steak. We were actually presented with T-bone cuts (much more expensive!) as apparently a new chef had got the order wrong. Probably not something they want him to do too often and he maybe should take a look at the cow pictures around the restaurant which show the different cuts of meat!

My Dad opted for pudding as Little Miss A was having an ice-cream. He does love profiteroles! I just got a photo in time before he demolished them!

The decor is very fresh and bold. There's definitely a theme to the decor and if you're a bit sensitive to where your meat comes from, then it might not suit you!

The restaurant boasts some really great views. I imagine you get nice sunsets if you time it right! There is a large garden at the back with a climbing frame so we spent a bit of time out there after our meal.

Here's what each of us thought:

Mum: "Lovely food enjoyed in great company!"
Dad: "Two of my favourite things - mussels and profiteroles!"
Mr MoaB: "Lovely service, very tasty steak!"
Me: "Great decor, great choice and great food!"

If you're looking for a family friendly local restaurant, then this is definitely a good choice.

Disclaimer: We received a voucher to review the Crows Nest Beefeater but all opinions are my own. We paid the extra to cover our bill.

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