Camping at Swiss Farm Cottage

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Another year has flown by and again we haven't used our tent as much as we would have liked. A couple of weekends ago Mr MoaB had the weekend off, so we decided to go camping as it would be the last chance this year!

We didn't want to travel too far as we were only going for one night so chose Swiss Farm Cottage near Henley. We called up in the morning to check availability before we set off. You can only book a minimum of 2 nights if you book online, but by calling we were able to confirm that we stay just one night. It took about 50 minutes to drive there.

We checked in and then headed into the cafe for a bite to eat as it was lunchtime. The cafe is right by the outdoor pool. Unfortunately this meant that Little Miss A just kept asking the whole time to go swimming! Although the pool was open (2 brave souls decided to take a dip) it was very cold. We managed to distract Little Miss A a bit with the small children's playground but ate quickly so we could leave the pool and go and put our tent up.

Little Miss A loves the tent! We gave her some spare pegs and a mallet to keep her entertained whilst we put the tent up as she just wanted to get in!

There are different grades of pitch - we just went for the basic one. Posher people had electricity and a picnic bench!!

It was a really nice campsite. There was a really nice lake tucked away with lots of ducks and geese. There were also lots of pigs - Little Miss A did really well with her counting and between us we counted 3 big ones and 14 babies! We also spent time in the other playground where lots of other children were playing too. Little Miss A held her own with the bigger children!

Once set-up we decided to drive into Henley for a bit of a wander around. It really is a lovely town. We headed down to the river and walked along for a while. Little Miss A had an ice-cream at the first ice cream van we found. We also found a really nice park which had a few fairground type rides. Little Miss A chose to drive the bus!

We couldn't have picked a better weekend weather wise. It was really warm during the day. Of course the night time was a different story! Brrrrr! It was cold. Surprisingly, the temperature didn't seem to bother Little Miss A that much - she certainly didn't wake up cold. I think I suffered more and definitely didn't sleep that well.

After a lovely bacon sarnie and hot cup of tea, we set to the task of taking the tent down. As soon as were done, we were off to visit the National Trust property that was just a few miles away - Grey's Court. 

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