Sunday Summer Stroll in Tring Park

Thursday, 27 August 2015

We've visited Tring Park a couple of times before in Spring and Autumn, but not in Summer! We rectified that last weekend!

It was a nice sunny morning when we set off. We took our usual route of going up hill towards the Obelisk and then to the Summer House Folly. Little Miss A definitely remembers our last visit as she immediately wanted to play hide & seek in the Summer House Folly, which we played last time!

Little Miss A did so well to walk up the hill. I thought she'd give up and ask to be carried. Walks are so much fun with her. Today she was climbing lots of trees!

It's such a lovely park for a walk with some really great views. Each time we notice different things. This time I spotted this owl face carved into the arm of one of the benches. Not noticed him before!

We were out for a couple of hours and just as we got back to the car it started raining. Phew - we were lucky!

There are some new animal sculptures somewhere in the Park but we didn't find them on this visit. We'll definitely be back again soon to search for them! Maybe we'll be brave and go in the Winter so we've been to the park in every season!

You can read about our Spring Stroll and Autumn Stroll here. You can also find out more about Tring Park on the Woodland Trust website. Also, you can pick up a children's activity book for the Park if you visit the Museum.

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