Play in the Park 2015 - National Play Day

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

For the third year in a row, I took Little Miss A along to the Play in the Park event in Vale Park, Aylesbury. Each year she can get more involved in the activities so it gets more fun for her.

The event is organised by Mix96 (the local radion station) and Aylesbury Vale District Council on National Play Day. There are lots of free activities along with some (namely the inflatables) that you have to pay for via tokens. Every year it seems to get a bit bigger and it felt a lot busier today.

As we entered the park, I bought 2 tokens as I knew that Little Miss A would want to have a go on the bouncy castle. En-route to find the bouncy castle she was drawn to the noisiest part of the Park where the drumming was going on. She immediately picked up some drum sticks, found a spare drum and was joining in!

After spending quite a long time on the drums, we then went over to the bouncy castles and found the one for the under 5s. We were there quite early on so there was no queue to get on. She handed over her tokens and took no time to get her shoes off to get on and start bouncing!

Luckily she came off the bouncy castle without too much argument after her 5 minutes was up. Phew! So we took a wander to see what else was on offer.

We passed by the Mix96 stand where Little Miss A got a sticker and a tattoo and then met the Mix Monster!

There were lots of different arts & crafts available. Little Miss A made a hat, had a play with some play-dough and decorated a gingerbread man (though she was more interested in just eating the biscuit!).

She had another go at the drumming and did a few circuits of the plastic climbing frames before we went into the Circus skills area provided by Colonel Custard. I wasn't sure how much here would keep her interest but she had a good go at most things with a bit of help from me!

The other area that we visited several times was the large sandpit. This has always been a hit with Little Miss A. Here's pictures of her each year! I had to prop her up 3 years ago as she still wasn't sitting unaided!

You can see more photos from our day at Play in the Park 2014 here.

We were lucky with the weather as there were just a few drops of rain but it didn't develop into anything. When Little Miss A starting flagging, it was time for a ice-cream before we headed home.

It's great that this event is so local to us and we have been able to go each year. I'm sure we'll be back again next year for more bouncing, drumming, digging and more!

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