Parklife 2015 - Live in the Park

Saturday, 29 August 2015

We really enjoyed the live music events that were in Aylesbury last year so I ensured that this year's Parklife event was in my diary!

This was organised by Aylesbury Town Council as part of a weekend of activities taking place in Vale Park, Aylesbury.

It was a full afternoon of live music on a huge stage. There were also lots of funfair rides and inflatables. The best part about the whole thing - it was all FREE!

We arrived about 1ish and immediately Little Miss A spotted the funfair rides and headed for these. It was her first go on many of these rides - the teacups, old fashioned swing and helter skelter. Unfortunately I had to go on the helter skelter - not a comfortable ride for me! She also had a bounce on one of the trampolines.

We then went up to the stage end of the Park to have our picnic lunch. The band Whirlwind were playing and Little Miss A had a bit of a boogie to this British Rockabilly band.

After a while Little Miss A kept asking to go on the big inflatable slide. There was a really long queue so I tried to distract her with a go on the disco bouncy castle but she was still keen to go on the slide so we queued up. I managed to get her to stay in her pushchair for most of the wait and it wasn't too long. She had lots of goes down the smaller of the two slides, but then of course just had to have a go on the bigger slide with the big kids! Such great expressions on her face!

She went on the swings and teacups again before we decided to head back to see a bit of the band who were playing next on stage - The Synthetix. Little Miss A wanted to head right to the front and had a really good dance around to this band who play music from Punk and New Wave era. She really went for it - you can definitely tell her Daddy's influence on her music tastes!

Little Miss A was starting to get really tired but she'd seen some children with balloons and was desperate for one. The next session of party fun games from DJ Dan Blaze was at 3pm so I managed to stall her until this. She got her wished for balloon in the shape of some lovely fairy wings!

There was just time for a last bounce on the disco bouncy castle before I decided to call it a day and head home. The event was continuing on until the evening when Toyah was headlining! I thought Little Miss A would fall asleep on the bus on the way home but she didn't so she has had a very early night!

Thankyou so much to the organisers for putting on this fantastic family event. We are really lucky to have these free events in our home town.

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