Leighton Buzzard Splash Park

Friday, 7 August 2015

We took Little Miss A to her first Splash Park today and she loved it as this picture shows!

The Splash Park, Beach and playground are all located in Parsons Close Recreational Ground. We arrived around midday and were lucky to find some street parking which was free. The park was pretty busy but not too bad. I imagine at the weekend it's rammed. 

We found a spot to put our picnic mat out and leave our bags, then got Little Miss A changed into her swim stuff as she couldn't wait to get into the Splash Park. It's a really safe environment as the whole thing is fenced with 2 gates. 

Her first time, she ran around a lot with a big smile on her face but didn't actually get that wet! 

We headed over to the 'Beach' area (a really large sandpit) for a play. We'd taken Little Miss A's bucket & spade with us and she had a really good time digging and burying ours & her own feet. 

She made a little friend in the sandpit and they had a great time running around this area. Then they met up again in the Splash Park so this time Little Miss A copied what she did and gained in confidence so she was actually getting really involved in the fountains and got very wet!

She played in the Splash Park for quite a long time. She was having such a good time!

Before we left we dried her off and went into the playground area. It has some great equipment and of course she was copying the older kids and trying to climb to the top of everything!

There are toilets in the park and also there was an ice-cream van so of course, Little Miss A pestered us until she had an ice-cream!

I'm so glad we took Little Miss A to this park. It's got fantastic facilities and all for free! We'll definitely have to visit again before the summer is over. 

We can tick off another thing on Little Miss A's Things To Do Now I Am 2 list as well - no. 4 Splash Park. 

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